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10:45 AM


Etched by Isaac

I just got back from my first driving lesson..

After 2 hours, I have successfully stalled the car (Kancil) 2 times, ALMOST knocked another car while turning and jerked the car quite a few times while changing gear and doing "balancing".


It doesn't help that the car HAS TO BE a KANCIL...
(too small lah..)
Even with the seat adjusted all the way back, my knees can still bang the steering wheel...


Clutch Gear Accelerator BRAKE Signals Steering Lights HORN

And yesterday was a whole day at home because my legs felt funny after a whole day at CiecaCLibe* the day before..

I was WORKING ..

First time working...
some more at a place I had never entered before..
Called CiecaCLibe*
Summoned within an hour's notice, I worked from 11.30 am to 10pm..
At the frontline of battle (customer service)
First time working and the boss expects me to handle customers, sales, submission of forms and manage the lucky dip.

Add the fact that everyone who's Chinese spoke to me in Mandarin
(which I couldn't understand)..
(Just acted like I understood lahh.. then when really cannot understand then only say so..LoL)

The only good thing about this job (besides the pay), is that I was FORCED to learn Mandarin..

But I made some mistakes and at the end of the day, I was RM 20 short... after tracing the source, it was a misrecorded bag sale.. (one bag for RM 20) *phew*

Thanks to JuO Yshn* for calling me up for the job and still letting me get in even though I initially declined citing "dead tiredness" as a reason.
And also for showing me around...

My grumble is that my lunch was at 4.00 pm.
I didn't even know there was such a thing called "Lunch break" there..
And that time (12.30 pm - 4 pm) was the BUSIEST period for my counter..
I should have demanded a pay rise...=P
And my dinner was at 9.50.. swt..

Lunch was Kenny Roger's
(but I didn't eat the chicken - no time)
.. I just wolfed down a box of coleslaw and 3 boxes of the mashed potatoes..

Dinner was Domino's.

Working part time there is relatively good compared to the likes of Jusco and Times Square.
But for me, it'll be my first and last time.
(because I'm BUSY)
(and my father told me not to as it wasn't appropriate for them to ask me to handle the money)

I sold RM1300++ worth of mugs.
So.. think a bit lah..
If I wasn't such a good person..
(imagine a wicked soul taking my place)
Then, the first-time employee could theoretically run off with the RM 1300++ and never come back..
Of course that would leave his/her friend who recommended him/her in hot soup..

The company doesn't have any of my details.
Only a full name and signature..
(which they don't know is genuine or not)

But I digress..
Because... I'm honest.. lolx..

The Sims 2 with all expansion packs and stuff packs is up and running now.
(and occupying about 15GB of my hard disk space minus saved games)

I'll be at the Alzheimer's Disease Foundation Centre Daycare later..
with Dennis and Bernard *yay*

*names changed to retain privacy

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