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11:14 PM

Finally Finished Homework!

Etched by Isaac

After it started piling up on my table for a few days.. it is FINALLY DONE!

But now I have a backlog of 2 days' worth of newspapers to read.. and that'll be 3 days' worth tomorrow.. =/

Surprisingly, I can't sign into my hotmail account; I can't even load the page..

Things in 1st KL BB Company are starting to heat up, with the pressure building, till it reaches unprecedented levels and this causes people to overreact.. and and and.. *faints*.

Not yet, if everyone pitches in and plays their parts.

The extra stripe comes with extra expectation and responsibilities and burdens which I am yet to be accustomed to.

BB isn't exactly what it used to be last time. =/

Form 6 is.. interesting.
In one week, I've learned pretty much more than what I learned in a month in previous years. The syllabus is very comprehensive and the work is pretty great. I like it. =)

I like complex numbers.. *hahahah*
No time to blog properly.
Need to sleep.

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