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10:02 PM

To Times Square

Etched by Isaac

My gang today: Dennis, Jack Kee, Voon Ho.
(it seems that BB Boys stick together.. we have blue blood)

So we ate: at Vivo

. first time experience.
. suggestion by Yew Sing.
. food there is pretty good.
. especially the burger.
. set = RM7.90 including drink, burger and fries.
. definitely better than McDonalds.

Then we went to book/buy our movie tickets for.. Star Trek.

Then to Borders to pass time.

. ended up laughing our heads off.
. trying "Instant Korean".
. thanks to Dennis.. lol.
. while we sat on the carpeted floor.
. in the Childrens' Section.
. =).

Then to the cinema.

. 2 hours.
. great movie.
. seriously.. the first time I watched anything to do with Star Trek.
. nice sound too!

Then we walked around a bit..

. and saw Huo Syan.
. and Yuen Wai jumped into my field of vision.
. and I said "zha dao". lol..
. then we chased Huo Syan.
. then we went back.

All that was after registering ourselves for Form 6. =)
Sorry to Pn. Goh about the misunderstanding.. =/

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