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10:47 PM

The 4th Week

Etched by Isaac

This week I went back for ICAS English.
And I went for bowling at Ole-ole .. during the ALM INPRO bowling selections.. (I was the PIC.. ) but just for fun.
I thought it would be cheaper than playing in KL (fees were RM7.50 for 2 games) but the teacher later collected another RM4 (total RM11.50) because we were playing after 5pm.

Luckily I can still go for ANTS as it's from Saturday till Monday (31st).
So I have a whole week at home. *yay*

I was wondering whether I should take up a 4th subject (Physics) but.. after much consideration and discussion, it just isn't necessary. It would be better for me to strive to excel in 3 subjects than to struggle with four. Considering that I have to practise for my piano examination (in November), and commit Saturday to BB, I don't have much time compared to the other INTEC students.
Plus I'm a class representative.
So.. it'll be just three A Levels for me. Biology, Chemistry and Maths & Stats. Three medals to be achieved. Three A*s. High hopes and dreams abound.

One month at college has passed.
I still have yet to adapt totally.
Another side goal I have is that in these two years, I would be able to pick up Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien. As well as German (through the German language course for ALM students .. if it is free). And some Tamil, Russian and Japanese.. and Arabic. =P

Many goals to be achieved.
The library and the reading room will become my second homes in the upcoming weeks. Study periods imminent.

More pictures. I should take less.

In piano room (in block R) with Avinash
He's very good with contemporary songs
(which I'm not)

My Biology lecturer.

At Ole-ole bowling

Chinese food..
*why can't it be NON-spicy?*

My IELTS lecturer.
We agree that she looks a little like Nicol David.

Cotton wool stops the hydrogen gas from dispersing
.. and it stinks..


4 dp.. O.o

some distilling thingy..
in the lab assistants' room

Standard solutions


2 opinions:

Miccalamcka said...

wah the chinese food looks super yummy!!=Dwhat's the content?

your class seems interesting as in 'pecah otak' way.haha

goood luck Isaac!^_^

Isaac said...

erm.. it differs from day to day la..
mostly is like what you can get at a chinese mixed rice stall. =) which is nice considering we eat malay food all day *no offense*.. not very accustomed to doing so..

interesting.. hahah.. a bit la.. =D
good luck to you too ^^