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10:46 PM

A BB Outing

Etched by Isaac

Our instructor, Mr. Chen Lau decided that it would be good for the band members to attend this performance, as it would give us some exposure to the level of competence exhibited by band members of our age.

However, the band was more like an orchestra; there was a prominent woodwind section, percussion with xylophones/vibraphones/gong/timpani and there was a double bass.

But their performance was jaw-dropping; it was AWESOME. Superb. Amazing.

Hours of dedicated practice took place way before the concert I suppose.
Their performance just left us stunned as we realised that we are SO FAR behind, in terms of musical skills, clarity, creativity and showmanship.

But then again, BB isn't about BAND; it is about Character, Leadership and Brotherhood.
Band is merely one of our activities which help foster and inculcate those three values.

Pictures. No videos. Videos occupy 1.93 GB of my camera's memory card now; I had to delete photos to make space yesterday.

In the bus

Kee An.. who made a lot of mistakes .. lol

Jack Kee managed to get a place to go!

They were discussing the "coolest scene" of Transformers ..


At CHS itself

*Yem proud*

The hall in which the performance was held.
It's.. HUGE.
And it has great acoustics; sound travels very clearly

The guy in black is the guest trumpeter.
He's.. *not enough adjectives to describe* good at playing the trumpet.

Kitchen utensil instruments.

Their very own drum soloists.
Moves and tricks copied from drumline and DCI. . lol.
We kept laughing at the dropping of drumsticks..
And the shaking of posteriors.. =P
But overall very good. =)

Choir to back up the band.
They sang "Heal the World" =D


PESTA 2010.
Is 1st KL ready??
Time will tell.

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