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10:56 PM

One week ahead.

Etched by Isaac

Badminton today with Voon Ho and Xian Ming.
3 players.. occupying the whole hall..
But we enjoyed ourselves.

As I have a week-long holiday, I feel that it is important that it be used properly.
Long week ahead.. with Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Stats, English and piano of course and driving to be done. . . . .

Sometimes I feel that I would do better if I took STPM..
But I digress.
God has put me where I am now for a purpose. And IF I am to realise this divine purpose, I had better do my utmost best.. and leave the rest to Him.

Btw I don't understand why Ps. Caleb keeps on shooting me.. it's been three weeks already at NexGen..
"You want to become a DOCTOR right??.. . . . "
Then he interrogates me.. today it was for about a minute.. and everyone was staring at me.. =.=''
Owh well.. maybe he has a lack of examples.. and I'm just sitting there screaming out at him "GOOD EXAMPLE!"


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