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5:58 PM

5th week of college

Etched by Isaac

Now there are three laptops in my room.
And more to come I suppose..
Soon I'll be the only one without a laptop.

This week...
Basically.. just study study study...
And yea.. I joined 3 clubs.. Japanese, IE and CATS.
Put name only.. whether I actually turn up or not will be another story.
And the ICAS Maths was super tough.
No more gold medals.

Bio presentation came and went.
And I joined my very first German class.
It was interesting.
And on Friday I went to KL Sentral with Shafern and Vanessa.. most surprisingly (it was a total coincidence)
Vanessa does look like a ninja. (in baju kurung with mask)

Pictures. . .

Speakers' Corner


During Ethics presentation

My Bio lecturer.

Kelvin's nice jacket..

- during Bio presentation .. in the room in the office-

--Chemistry lab--


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