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10:53 PM

The 6th Week

Etched by Isaac

M1 dancing for English class..

a lunch break.

It is now 11.12 pm as I blog about the sixth week of college life..

Generally.. the week flew by because I went back late everyday and spent my time pretty well.
German class was nice; we learnt our pronunciation properly.. and even sang a song! Hahaha. =)

Frau Maria

Ko- PLN was cancelled this week due to unforseen circumstances. >.<
And I ate tuna sandwiches for breakfast and lunch for two days. I find it better than queuing up for food at the A Level Cafe.
But tuna is seriously EXPENSIVE at the mini mart near Cendana (RM5 / can)

Today in class, we wrote our argumentative essay for decision making, and I ran out of points. Without enough time, I had to come up with some words to complete the essay.. and I felt like it was pretty much nonsense (what I wrote).. oh well..

And my classmates have been 'gossiping' about who will be the top in the class.. and speculations point to a few people, namely Vivien, Poh Chai and Teah.
But when I ask people, they say "You la.. " =.=''

Wait till I fail my Biology and Chemistry papers.. topic tests coming soon. Biology, Ethics and English this coming week. Chemistry after the mid-sem break.

I have introduced myself to the study room.. and I find it really comfortable, with its ADJUSTABLE air conditioning, unlike the freezing cold library.

study room..the table I used

cold library.. lower floors are colder..

Chinese food orders have been increased in frequency; next week we will eat Chinese food from Monday till Thursday.

Chemistry experiment: Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions (displacement)

And a cat, yes a CAT found its way into my room.. LOL.. Andrew woke up to hear shouts of "CAT!!"

in the end Jonas caught it
and I found it on the staircase after that

After all the hassle of pushing the class to take the "jumping" picture, it all paid off.
And also thanks to the very kind photographer who allowed us to change our photography session appointments thrice and gave us the soft copy too (upon request)
The "jumping" pictures was inspired by the BB picture taken last year. =D

the printed photos - RM10 each

unprinted pictures. =D

College is getting quite fun. =)
But I couldn't get into the Japanese class because there were only 25 places.. and since a M2 student was in charge, almost all of the places were taken by M2 students *not fair* but I wouldn't have entered anyway.. no time.. =P

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