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8:09 PM

A2 - A Clean Sweep

Etched by Isaac

After all the effort put in AND the sleepless nights spent figuring out dance moves and visual presentation...

It all paid off!!
A2 (my squad) got the FIRST PLACE in BOTH the COOKING COMPETITION and the TALENT TIME!!!

We actually didn't think we would win both titles as we had squad B2 as a strong contender for the talent time trophy.
But.. we prevailed.. and once squad B2 was announced as the 1st runner-up, we started cheering like crazy because we knew, yes we knew.. that we.. were the CHAMPIONS.


The food was fabulous.
The singing sensational (a bit)
The dancing dizzying
And the Adrian Amazing.
Woohoo.. LOL..

And the Phantom.
The minute I walked into the MPH with my costume (wig) on, .. the attention shifted from the performance to me. =.=''

I should've kept it a secret.. lol.. oh well.
And the judges.. " You dress like Christine but sing like the Phantom.. "

A million thanks to the team members who put in concerted effort.
And most importantly, the parents who put in even more effort.
Especially Tjun Yip's mother. =D

And in the words of CPL Loi Kah Hoe,

" Today when I fell the company in, I saw A2 had ZERO people. Then now suddenly, wow, you guys won everything."

Actually, we were at Nam Heong, finishing our lunch. =D

Now we can say (like Voon Ho) .
"It's FINALLY over."


And it was also Jason Tham's last BB meeting for a while - he'll be flying to the States .. University of St. Cloud.. to continue his Mass Comm degree.. for 2 years.

I thanked him for being a great senior.. over the years.
God Bless you Jason. =)

The pictures tell the story.

-the day started at MPH and then at Nam Heong-Squad A2. =D

-cooking competition started after band-
-opening ceremony by Madam Wendy-
-the superb organising committee Chairman-
our dear LCPL Loke Voon Ho =)

100% freshly squeezed orange juice
in order to preserve the Vitamin C content.
to maximise the health benefits impending the judges.

egg + rice + agar agar

-judging started-

-meanwhile we posed-
Looks really professional, doesn't it?

dry ice.
it burns.
and hardens cloth

-then the judges finally reached our table-
- save the best for last -
people crowding aroundyou can feel the tension..
... SENGGG!!!!!!"

then of course we had our science experiment.
Hehehe.. with Dry Ice..
Courtesy of Uncle Johnny (at a price)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~dinner in between~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
we polished off our efforts of cooking


Squad B2.

The winning team. =D =D =D


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