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9:38 PM

Advanced Star Jumping..

Etched by Isaac

"So after this we go sower!"

Hah hah hah!.. followed by "Quiet lah!!.. SHhh.. "

Laughter at the risk of getting caught.. *only those who were with me will understand what I mean*

ANTS KUL 2009 was a very. . . interesting and informative camp, to me.
Analysing how the camp was run was pretty fun, as was laughing with Anthony and my 6 other roommates from different companies.

1st KL was a strong presence (in numbers) there, but we were relatively silent in terms of going out to speak.

I feel that it was mainly because certain parties had made it their priority to seize every single opportunity available to go under the spotlight; to LEAD.

But then again, too many cooks spoil the broth, as was evident in the Chair game.
There would be this person standing up to say something, then another one countering from the back and in the meantime, the others would be segregated into groups discussing alternatives.

Too many chiefs and no Indians, to put it in another way.
If everyone speaks, who listens?

So I kept quiet, just waiting to see how it would go. Pretty fun though. =)

Apparently, negotiating deals with valid cases and arguments was part of our unwritten syllabus, as deals were negotiated to reduce our STAR JUMPS .. (extra activities)

Overall, the camp was well organised and the participants were pretty sporting and this contributed to the camp being successful.
And it was interesting to see how different drill and certain procedures are done in different companies..

But one thing more: When they asked the question about who would want to come back in the future to serve in ANTS and BB (after the certificate presentation and speeches) , I think that Anthony, Kee An and I were the only three who didn't raise up our hands. And I think that certain people were pretty surprised today too about that. But at least, we were honest.

Personally, I feel that as one who has intrinsic values, I will not be a hypocrite. Therefore, if I say something, I mean it and am not lying to myself. There are certain priorities which I will fulfill first and if these priorities mean giving up what is very important to me, such as serving in the BB, then I will do just that. There are other ways to serve - not through time and effort, even though these two are probably the most beneficial to the company.

But definitely, the BB has been a major influence and a useful training ground for me. And of course to meet and make wonderful friends like you guys. =D

We were 10. Now left 5. How many more will survive?

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