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10:23 PM

Ethics test, Bio test, English test. . .

Etched by Isaac

The 7th week flew by.
College life?

Doing Chemistry and Maths work the day before Biology test and getting various comments from the others. "Why aren't you studying Bio??"
Meeting people at the library.
Learning how to think critically.
Learning that Salha was in the same group in the same hospital attachment and she noticed me yet I didn't even see her. =.=''

Learning German but getting fogged out of class.

Freezing in the air conditioning of computer lab B

Hunting for the Star in the Library.
And in the process snapping pictures of the RM11 Million library

Learning in class
Watching Ethics papers being marked.

Apparently the room is clean

Listening to Jonas singing to modified lyrics of songs.
Waking Gan up at 7.05 am.
Seeing Kumar's visitors.
Hearing about the latest development in Jonas' crush.
Talking to Andrew.
Watching Andrew get revenge on Jonas.

Watching Naruto for the first time and verifying the claim that it IS addictive - highly dangerous material which is to be avoided in order to study.

Actually studying in the study room to avoid Naruto.

Watching the practice for the Russian Programme graduation ceremony.

Photostating Biology notes the evening before the test.
Getting the paper jammed and having to pay for the jammed-up, useless copies. >.<

Documenting "The day the Biology books took over the library"
(and the road)
(and the classroom)

Finishing Bio test.
This was after the Bio test

Attending a surprise birthday bash in which they accidentally bashed Gan instead of Joo Howe.
In the process, making a lot of noise and arousing the attention of the guard.
After some cake, the problem was solved.
Then we ate cake.
Then they continued the CS party.

The birthday boy. =)

It's Holiday.
With Chemistry test when college reopens.

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Miccalamcka said...

wah Issac your campus life seems very interesting lah!^_^ but mine is better.HAHA

wish you all the best for the future!


Isaac said...

thanks!! =)