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8:30 PM

My Holiday Week.

Etched by Isaac

"Up" was such a great movie. In 3D too!
3D is so awesome.. hahahaha.. the things fly out of the screen at you.. we were reaching out our hands trying to touch them. =P

But the storyline of the movie is, well, touching. There's a lot that's not said. And the music really creates the mood and sets the atmosphere.
Superb. Two thumbs up for Pixar's Up!
Well worth my RM16 too. Haha =D

Zhuang Xiao and Teck Juan are flying off this coming month.
One to India and one to Birmingham.
One medicine and one chemical engineering.
So we organised these two 'outings'.
Thursday's was at Mid Valley Megamall and today's was in our usual haunt, Times Square.

I missed the movie yesterday so I could go back early to study to make up the time for today, and it was a great day. =D

And I managed to say a proper goodbye to both Zhuang Xiao and Teck Juan. *yay*

It was great to see Anthony, Voon Ho, Yem and Toh Seng too. =D
And Jack Kee.. who can now converse in Japanese. o.O

Tomorrow - ANTS!!
ANTS till Monday.
Gambateh to all of us who feel that the three days could be used for studying more stuff but cannot withdraw our decision. Nevermind. We shall persevere.

I certainly feel that time flies. Balancing studies, BB and all the other stuff comes up to a full time job.

Meeting up with my friends makes me really happy.
Well, till the next time we have an outing.. (Hari Raya I hope).. I'll just enjoy ANTS tomorrow.
Even though we'll be like the super-senior group there.. lol.. all already 18.


Officially EIGHTEEN. =D

At Mid Valley Megamall

Me in MPH

I saw Hi 5 dancing and singing!.. lol..

Then the others finally arrived at Megamall.
After deciding, we chose Yoshinoya for lunch.
Not so crowded.. and not too expensive. =)

The beef and rice on promotion..
actually quite nice. =)

Hwa Jiunn and I.
Now he's seriously changed his dressing.. lol
But still the same old Hwa Jiunn inside. =)

A series of Zhuang Xiao's faces...

*trying to imitate the picture behind..*

Then Teck Juan joined us (his lunch break)
Group photo by Chei Thai. (pro)
He set up the cameras to take the group picture.

Zhuang Xiao.
I know you're going to be a great doctor / researcher.
Just study hard and do your best. God will take care of you in India. =D
Till then.. take care yea =D

Moved to cinema entrance.. where I said my goodbyes..

Only Bernard can take this kind of picture.. hahhaha

Bye Zhuang Xiao again
Thanks Chei Thai for organising!
(my fellow KLCC tower)

Benny. Make sure YOU get good results.
Trials after camp some more want to go out.

Then I ran from North Court to South Court.. to go back. =) to study.

Times Square today.

As we had nothing much to do in Borders, well.. we kinda advertised the books.

Toh Seng.. UCSI.. haha.. he's doing pretty fine there. =D
Yem, who can DRIVE. =D
Happy Birthday ~ =)
Einstein for DUMMIES

Then the Highlight of the day: Up in 3D!

my eyes almost popped out at the initial bill: RM112

I think I violated the rule of "No recording equipment in the Cinema"
Pretty blur picture of Zhuang Xiao and half of me

A very helpful movie attendant assisted us in the capturing of our 3D movie outing.
Cool! .. like.. who said.. Terminator.. =P

Then we went out for lunch.

(Mis) Guided by Toh Seng, who recommended Duck Rice, we walked from the first floor outside the cinema to the LG floor, then back up to the 2nd floor.. =.=''

But the walk was worth it when we entered the Uncle Duck restaurant.
Anthony: "This place reminds me of the restaurants in London"
The food was reasonably priced and the environment was well, superb. =D
And the place is nice for photos too!

Apparently we five think alike- we all wore black without discussing first. Haha =)

Group photo made possible thanks to Khai Keat. =D

Zhuang Xiao's ice lemon tea without ice..
to which she kept adding sugar (the hand in the background)
because she said it tasted bitter..

Duck Rice.
RM6.90 (with service charge - RM7.56)
Quite nice

Then off we went to the arcade then the bowling alley, where Anthony and Yem played foosball while we watched. Jack Kee and Teck Juan joined in.. =)
Basically we hung around there.. chit-chatting.. hahaha.. actually not a conducive place as the noise level is pretty high. >.<
Anthony in the heat of the game..

Then discussing techniques with Teck

As the senior and two juniors, we MUST take pictures before he flies off.

All the best to you, Teck Juan.
UK should be very interesting.. heheh..
We will always remember WTJ. =D
Our superb senior.. =)

Just for comparison: Us 3 years ago. =)
And now:

Successful business deal.. =.='' .

And bye Zhuang Xiao..
Thanks for accompanying me today. =)
And for the memories. =)
God Bless You. =D

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King Sidharth said...

Wonderful life, you have man! It's just awesome.
I was on a stupid blog when I clicked Next Blog>> and found yours.
You reminded me of musing blogs, full of life and so much fun.
Thank you for sharing awesome life and insight....

Isaac said...

haha.. thanks!
you're most welcome.. =D