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4:12 PM

One more week?

Etched by Isaac

Yesterday Yem and I spent an inordinate amount of time (almost 4 hours) just deciding what song to sing for talent time.

Stress.. >.<
But at least we're more prepared for next week's 1st KL Cooking Competition cum Talent time! (organised by our dear LCPL Loke)

Basically the past week has been great - I managed to do my work.. and also play the piano =)
And discover the 'wonders of Facebook' .. it's like a huge MSN chat. After this.. no.. cannot.. no time for such 'activities' on Facebook.

I wonder what'll happen if there's another outbreak of the H1N1; will there be another holiday??

Dennis and Voon Ho say that "no one can replace Isaac" in MBS. Aih. . .
For me, well.. "no learning institution can replace MBS"

Btw all the best to the new PROTEMs. Hope they will inject new enthusiasm into the Board.. to continue to uphold the honour of the school...
In my humble opinion, the Prefectorial Board is basically the only thing that's keeping MBSSKL from becoming just like any other ordinary school.. we STAND OUT.

Random picture:

need to wait a week to bring my new lamp to hostel
I think it's cute.

ICAS Maths this week. >.<
Amelia's flying soon.
Then Steph.
Then Zhuang Xiao.
And Teck Juan.
And then Jack Kee.
Who else???

Btw all the best to Anthony.. who's organising the MCKL Orientation Camp at Tapah, Cameron Highlands for the July intake.
*he's so busy nowadays taking up huge responsibilities. . the mark of a true leader :D*

And today Ps. Caleb didn't ask me any doctor-related questions. =D
But.. I was still part of his 'audience engagement' programme.

*If Isaac sees a pretty girl, then he will say WOW!!*

but I don't think I'd say it out loud. =P

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