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9:35 PM

1st 4-day week

Etched by Isaac

Next week will also be a 4-day week because there's Nuzul Quran on Monday (only for Selangor).

To me, this means one extra day at home to be spent WISELY.

Time really flies. ANTS came and went. Soon it'll be the Officers-NCOs retreat. (Hari Raya)

This week mainly revolved around the English decision-making presentation and the Chemistry test.
Right now Poh Chai's youtube video song "I'm getting tired of Facebook" is running through my head.. oh dear. Actually his presentation was pretty good as the whole class initially opposed him because he was against the usage of Facebook by students. In the end, some actually managed to think the way he did (he doesn't use Facebook btw)
And my presentation was : Instant Messaging Services are slowly but surely crippling English.

And here I am using "btw" and "Lol" in my posts. =.=''

Chemistry test was a disappointment because the questions were leaked. I think they should have held it for all classes at one shot like the Biology paper.

The photo of Kat and I which I posted up in Facebook last week apparently attracted a lot of attention from my collegemates.
They were like "Who's that girl???"

Now I realise that Kat's pretty.


Only now? =.=''


Pictures tell the story of this week's highlights.

Cendana compound. Now flat. Not a highlight though.
I took this picture while I was rehearsing my presentation at the BUS STOP yesterday.

Somebody actually bought a Cake for Kelvin's birthday!
And we were wondering who the girl was.. =.=''
It turned out to be a guy from the Korean Programme.
Kelvin is so popular/well-known.. "database"
Anyway Happy 18th Birthday to Kelvin. =D
Kelvin =)

Wee seeking guidance from our class' best student Miss Vivian!
Finally I can give up my position as top in the class.
*rests in peace*
- no! - I - must - fight - healthy - competition! -

Poh Chai in bus.
"Are you sure??"

If all Sabahans are like him, then all Sabahans are super smart.
With professional English too =)

Weihao was so bored during the presentations today that he started to examine Roshini's bag.

And Kelvin was initiating and sustaining a conversation with Kit Yeng in front.

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