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3:40 PM

Back from Retreat

Etched by Isaac

My last retreat, I think.
Fraser's Hill.
Some of the best memories were about Yem's pants. *hahahah*
No time to blog properly. Voon Ho should have come.. but.. aiyah.. couldn't.
I played football for the first time. =P

Most of the pictures are on Facebook.
I'll never waste so much time again. *angry with self*

I learnt a lot from this retreat.
Now I know when to let go.
Now I know when and how to be assertive.
Now I know.
The courage to speak is the wisdom to listen.
Times change.
Time and tide wait for no man.
Biology tsunami drowns me.. pushed away by Chemistry whirlpool.. lands into Maths trap.. falls for Stats bait.. KO-ed by piano practice.


gravity-defying stunts

at the Gap

*slams onto ground*

Misty Football
orange + white = striking

*dog above us all*

centipede? spider-eater?

Eggs and sausage.
2 eggs 1 sausage.
plus toast and milk and tea and coffee..


wahaha. . . huh?

*heh heh*



getting ready

*beat it*


Snow in Fraser's!

Us blindfolded
chaos ensues

Fantastic Four?

we wave goodbye

jumping craze starts


this is the best group pic..
just see the faces..
my batch supports all.. =P


on the rocks

he's jumping..

*ominous clouds*

what is he thinking about?


super-delicious winter melon soup at Rawang

I'll miss the old days. *sobs*

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