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10:10 PM

The Past 2 weeks

Etched by Isaac

I didn't manage to update last week due to time constraints. *big word*.. hehe..

But the past two weeks have been quite fun.
Tests come and go.
Results also come and go.
My results.. maths and chem full marks, stats missed by one mark, Bio missed by 8 marks (over 60) . Apparently, my talking is too fast - that cost me marks in my presentation. And my essay lacked a conclusion so I missed one mark (out of 5 =.='' )

And it seems that my class has the highest number of high-scorers for this test. I daresay we're the best class.. haha.. but that also means the most stress..

I still can't get an empty piano room to practise in.. =(
.. will try after Raya.. at Night. =D

Wednesday night this week was the first time I went visiting rooms in Cendana.. hehe..
Then on Thursday, I went to Pak Li Kopitiam for the first time .. o.O . . it's quite a nice place. Reasonable pricing too. =)

Thank God for yesterday. I rushed out of INTEC after German class, walked to the bus stop place, saw ominous black clouds above, waited one minute then the bus arrived, THEN it started raining cats and dogs. Coincidentally lucky? I don't think so. It's divine intervention =)

German class is shrinking in numbers as more people decide to call it quits. But I shall persevere...

We practically turned Bio practical time this week into phototaking time.. hahaha!
With 30 minutes to kill while waiting for the beetroot to soak in warm water, pictures were taken by the dozen.

Jonas fell into the lecture hall seat during German class.. HAHA.. laughed like mad..
Du Bist Kakalachen! =P

Kit Yeng commented on my daily newspaper hunt in the library..
Apparently I seem to do nothing but read newspapers in the library.. lol..
Eh.. nono.. is Isaac who commented.. sorry Isaac. =P

My classmates love to cancel classes.
After Raya, we'll have a week off from Bio as our lecturer has something on.. =/ .. so we have to study ourselves I suppose.
That also means that the week will be a 4-day week. =D

I'm going to fail my piano exam if I don't practice.
This holiday, I WILL practice.

Beetroot report. Aiyoh.
Just finished packing for tomorrow's retreat to Fraser's Hill. I'll be in Hon. Capt. Cheong's car. The only.. Boy. o.O

Friends are leaving.
Teck Juan, Zhuang Xiao and Wanyi have left.
My batch is leaving BB soon. I'll definitely miss them. *sobs* I have to too.. to practice.. piano..
Ich spiele Klavier. Nicht zehr gut. Nicht herrlich. Ist schlecst. =(

Friends in F6 are going to get busier and more stressed.. with the new system that requires them to stay back till 4.30 and 5 pm everyday.. with separate Co-co and longer periods. I pray that they'll persevere.. to strive to achieve the best they can.. while their time is still there.. before STPM.

I like college. There are so many new friends that I have found there. But nostalgia takes over sometimes and I have to immerse myself in work or something to escape it. Facebook is a thief of time. I pray daily for discipline and self-control.

Torn between the college, BB, school and church community while having to cope with studies and piano practice as well as keeping up with the daily news. There is no time. I've learnt that life is a series of decisions. And each decision comes with a benefit and an expense. Benefits have to outweigh the expenses for a decision to be useful.

But work makes life good.
The Bible says so.
And God, He is Good. So good. To me. =)



I finally managed to pull this bunch of wacky people together for a Housemates' photo. =D

Gan, Kumar, Jonas, Ali, Isaac, Andrew.

Sitting Style

Andrew got hooked onto Need for Speed.. at some point we scolded him.. lol

Dead lizard. I had to remove it with my hand. *wrapped in a plastic bag*

ISC. nostalgy

Gan's dumbbell that we play with.

Si Yuan

Ghai Xiong

Yong Kai and Kai Ming.

German Class..

Vanessa, Rachel, Kah Yan and .. Isaac. =D
taken using Vanessa's phone.. (better camera)
I've found this new group of friends through German class. Really nice people.
And Jonas. =D

In class..

dancing.. Dilah and Syikin.. lol

This just shows Vinondh's height.


Huan De's new hairstyles.. haha

all doing Stats homework. Hardworking!

Bio results day.
Appeal for marks too..

Background of Buddhism by Kit Yeng

In the Library

Apparently we can go into the counter area..
Poh Chai ar.. *taking photos*

Kit Yeng and Huan De being artists

I discovered that there's a Chess Corner!
*Sheila and Vinondh deep in battle*
- Vinondh won -

That's Kah Yan

And Rachel

And Vanessa

Then Jonas came in and study was made impossible.

ASTRO in the Library!

Before (and during Ko-PLN)

Yew Chong and Odelia.
*6 of us actually spent 45 minutes talking while waiting for our facilitator*
.. then we discovered that she had a meeting and we were supposed to start first.
.. oh oh..


back-to-back conversation.
Very difficult.

In the Bio Lab.

Salha chops beetroot!

boring Beetroot. *to bore with cork borer.. * not boring as an adjective.

Salha again. Haha.. =)

Kelvin - beetroot sections


Water bath.

Extra experiment. *leftover beetroot*



Lab assistant demonstrating.. how to use the colorimeter




The Emperor.. and I

Salha, Kit Yeng, Su Pei, Vivien, Isaac

Sheila.. hehe

Salha, Dilah, Chien Chong, Song Hwee

-new teacher-

In the Chem Lab

Huan De and HCl 1.0M

H2 or Co2 fumes.. forgot.

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