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9:06 AM

Walk walk walk

Etched by Isaac

That's what we did.
From Times Square to Sungai Wang to Pavilion.. then later back to the other side.
A rare gathering of Dennis, Wai Xhen, Mun Fei, Jack Kee and Isaac.
Jack Kee in and out from his Japanese class; the other four of us on Holiday.

Dennis and I as usual came all the way together. =) and I was late. As usual. Argh....but this time improved.. only 4 minutes... then.. plus 11 minutes because of the is 15 minutes.. =.=''
Dennis and I.. long time didn't see each other.. the first thing he saw was my hair.

Dennis: "It looks like.. it exploded."

Me: "Yalah. =P"
*30 seconds of hairstyling.. created such an effect. *

So we chatted all the way... to Times Square.
I'm still not really satisfied that the A Level syllabus is SO MUCH less detailed than the STPM syllabus; we learn so much less.. >.<

We spotted an ex-BB Junior Officer at Times Square.. haha..

Walked with Mun Fei to Sungai Wang.
And at Sungai Wang we bumped into .... lol.. unexpectedly.. Vivien... wahhahaha..

She asked me if I was there shopping.
Wai Xhen and Dennis who were with me immediately burst out laughing...
Probably because the idea of Isaac shopping... didn't sound quite right to
But she was shopping. So there'll probably be a different-looking Vivien in college on Monday. =P

Lunch was at *last-minute decision* Madam Wong.. Restaurant in Sungai Wang.
My food?

"Salted egg floss buttermilk sauce chicken rice".

Let me repeat.

"Salted Egg Floss Buttermilk Sauce Chicken Rice."

Say it like this:

"Salted Egg Floss. Buttermilk Sauce. Chicken Rice."

And we all laughed.... hahahahahahaha!

When it arrived, I was looking for the salted egg.. no salted floss either.. and I don't know what buttermilk looks like... =P
But there were curry leaves though.. and shredded lettuce/carrot.. maybe that's the salted egg floss.
Or like Dennis suggested, maybe the fried egg had salt on it, so.. Salted Egg. LOL..
Sugared Egg..

So we spent about 2 hours there... the waiter constantly kept coming to see if we were done.. lol..
Except poor Jack Kee, who had to rush back to Japanese class. Aww..
But he came back for movie later. =)

Nissin noodles... cost him.. RM6? (for maggi mee, one egg and a sausage)

Salted egg floss buttermilk sauce chicken rice?
but it tasted really nice.
RM8.90 (without adding in 10% service charge)


Mun Fei with Dennis' Physics notes..


teaching Physics

honey toast. 5 bucks. .. huhu..
Wai Xhen: Ewww....

The ABC. RM4.90

Dennis and Wai Xhen had to make themselves suffer..
.. from LEMON!
*muscle cramp in mouth*

Speaking of which, Gamer is a movie with lots of Flesh and Blood. In that sense, it reminded me that we're all human because we're all flesh and blood. I mean FLESH and BLOOD. And more BLOOD.


I came out of the cinema with a headache.. >.<
Too much CS-like action for me.. >.<
And too much morally-deteriorated society for all of us .. >.<
But superbly cool futuristic TECHNOLOGY!.. movement-controlled PC.. huhu...

Maybe we should have watched G-Force instead. Or the Perfect Getaway. Or or or.. oh well.. too late.

But anyway the point is that we went through it together. =)
And we sat down together at Old Town after that..
Where I ate Curry Potato Toast.. lol.. every time I go there, I eat curry and toast.. =P

I weighed the risks and benefits of asking the waiter to help us take a picture.. and decided against it. >.<

Curry Potato Toast. RM5.50

Old Town Lava * I think* and Ice Cream Toast


Gatherings like this are what makes my holidays happy. =D
Now back to piano and studies. >.<
Holidays are finishing!!! NO.. .

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