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2:35 PM

Another 4-day Week

Etched by Isaac

*the other class people were indeed jealous*

Because there was no Biology this week, we moved classes around.. wahaha..
This week was really fun week because .. I'm not too sure why but I managed to talk to people a lot. =) And there wasn't a lot of homework.. but that also means that I didn't study much.. oh oh..

Highlights of the week were the class Dinner, Speakers' Corner, Public Speaking Competition and Spelling Bee. It was Language Week this week.

ALM Dominates Spelling Bee!!
I can get 3rd place at best. =P
1st place goes to Melissa, 2nd to Aisha.. *hope I spelled that right*
Thanks to Melissa and Aisha, who checked the spelling for 'sepulchre' for me and inspired me to challenge the judges' decision, I have a chance of getting 3rd place. =D via sudden death. o.O

Actually, I didn't expect to get into the finals at all; when they called my name, "Isaac", I was stunned.. and waited about 15 seconds.. *so long* before standing up.. haha..

Argh. I missed 'ameliorate' and 'yokle' by spelling them 'amelliorate' and 'yoko'
The piano room was very noisy. Too many piano players in one room is not a good thing.
Results in a headache for me.

Recently, Gan and Andrew have been addicted to DoTA.. huhu.. that's not too good. .
And the class is now planning for a class trip.
Next will be a class T-Shirt after we discovered that Chien Chong's father prints T-shirts.. *discount discount* =D

Teah loves the hip-hop culture. We learn how to shuffle.. wahahaa.. and what... Running Man.. Melbourne Shuffle.. wahha...

Chat sessions with classmates and roommates are really nice. It's the small talk that matters sometimes. =)

Yesterday I waited 45 minutes for the KTM train which was delayed TWICE. Reached home at about 9.. hungry.. >.<
So I disturbed about 7 people with sms.. haha..

Today I had the chance to play a grand piano. *thank God* Super nice. =)

This week's collection of pictures. =)

Cendana at night.

RM100 worth of German class books. =D
Now I'm financially bound to attend. =P

this occurred due to a certain picture of a certain pretty girl on Chien Chong's laptop

biscuits from Jonas from Kuching
They taste good. =)

Su Pei - SWOT

Kelvin - Prom Night.

Kelvin really drew the crowds.. (which gradually dispersed after he finished)

Wee's professionally-written speech
"Very good content" , our lecturer said the next day

Jan Men speaking.
I remember her actions and "Okayyyy??"

Huan De Plays Piano!

Song Hwee too!!

Our Stats teacher..

the computer game that they played during lunch break..
with the music on so loud it could be heard from the outside..

Amazingly, Poh Chai can do a SPLIT

Chem experiment..solubility

rajinnya.. hahahaha

After class yesterday

dancing class

the view from up on the stage where I sat.

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