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2:56 PM

It was a Dark and Stormy Evening

Etched by Isaac

Thunderous black clouds billowed across the shadowcast skies of Section 17 while sheets of rain pummeled themselves onto our umbrellas as we fled from the prying eyes of the Round One..

Exhausted but relieved, we plonked our weary bodies onto the plastic seat as the roaring monster took us on a tour of the town of roundabouts..while the Round One howled in disappointment and anger..huhuhu...

*fiction writing ends here*

Sudah lama aku tak gunakan bahasa Melayu.. tapi.. tak apa lah. =P

This week was a week of.. Lol.. fun =D
Music Faculty is a lot of fun.

Bio results and chem results.. were.. also quite fun.. in a sense.. my class is still acing the exams. *yay* .. *pressure*..

Time really really flies.. it's already the 'study leave' week ..'study week' in inverted commas because it's unofficial.. and I still need to go back for class on Friday.
After the 'study week' comes the final examinations.. which will mark the end of the semester.. a culmination of all we have studied.

I realised I have quite a few good friends in INTEC already and I thank God for them =)

Whether I need help or just want someone to chat with, I can always count on them. Most of them are my classmates and housemates and floormates.. and.. actually there are quite a lot of them. Haha..

There's Poh Chai, my trusty neighbour.. who never fails to do better than me in Biology.. and in presentations.. we go together in the morning almost every morning =)

Then there's Andrew and Kumar and Ali and Gan and Jonas.. who make my stay in Cendana worthwhile =) pillow talk takes up sleep usually.. lol.

before Ethics Exam. we were studying together.. lol

And there's Steven.. who lives diagonally opposite my room.. he's just so dependable.. and a fellow BB Boy like me =D 1st Ipoh I think.

And there's Gordon.. (from Sarawak).. who's also a BB Boy. 1st Sibu Company. When I first found out his name, I was surprised because Gordon is my brother too.. hahahahah... and I play badminton with both Gordons. =D

Teah's a good friend too. We talk and philosophise and argue often.. haha.. he's the stylish and well-dressed type =) and sometimes we study together.

Then there's Kelvin. Mr. Popular.. but recently he's toned down his charm.. or so it seems lah. Maybe it's the exam stress. =/ Kelvin is a great guy too.. and all-rounder.. he can do almost everything.. and anything..

Song Hwee. The 'Korean' guy. I admire his easy going and humble attitude. He's really the definition of 'diam-diam ubi berisi'; never fails to score sky-high marks.

Chien Chong. The joker of the class.. he somehow manages to keep laughter coming.. it's his personality.. and he's very nice =) also another badminton pro.. (same as Song Hwee)

And there are more guys too.. which I can't mention because there are too many.. I need more time to get to know more people..

Joo Howe upstairs.
The genius in disguise..

Weihao trying to hide his identity..

Viswan carrying Teah
Both are really nice guys =)

Huan De and Jieyun.
Lookalikes in similar clothing..

Gary sleeping in the library next to Arveen.. they were supposed to study Bio together.. haha.

scary-looking food..

And there are girls too.
First up would definitely be Huan De. Because we spend a lot of time doing class stuff together.. lol.. I kinda pity her because she has to crane her neck to look at me.. =.='' But she's a really nice girl. =) And there are rumours.. heh heh heh.. but I don't spread them.

I identify well with Salha because we both think similarly. We carry the same train of thought. And she mixes well with the Chinese because she speaks the language. (primary schooled in Chinese School)

Diyanah is apparently the cutest in class (besides Huan De of course because she's smaller).. haha..sometimes we study Chem together.. and then I discovered her Chem book with the caricatures inside.. wow.

Kit Yeng or "Isaac" has recently worn different outfits to class every single day.. she has to go shopping every stylish future doctor. Teah's competitor in style.. but unfortunately Teah loses because he can't go shopping every week like her.. aww...

And then there's Vanessa. I don't know why the two of us are so similar. Same wavelength/style/method/type of thinking. Pretty much the same in almost every aspect. Getting to know her was like getting to know myself.. hahah =) and she's nice. (does that mean I'm nice? ) hahaha.. haha..

Ko PLN Night was great. Performances galore. Now I wish I'd performed too.. but.. as they say.. it's .. Too Late!.. to apologise.. too late.. ... lol..

the best performance (by my judgment)
Zi Hong and Diyanah... main dancers.. stole the show.. (more of Zi Hong though)

There are plenty of October and November babies in INTEC.. Andrew and Kumar both have the same birthday! We discovered that the day before.. haha... and so we celebrated =D

Viswan's birthday too..

Demonstrative process Presentations have all been finished. Lots of stuff done by my class.

our IELTS lecturer looks like a model. =D
And somewhat like Nicol David too.. huhu..

Asyikin's ice Cream..

Weihao's Card Magic

Huan De's dancing Sponge Bears

The result of Kit Yeng's Paper Stars
(modelled by Vinondh)

Poh Chai hugging Viswan Happy Birthday and giving him a hand-designed T-Shirt.

Kelvin teaching how to play the Guitar.

Roshini's CPR with Poh Chai aka Little Anne

And Teah's shuffling class.

Most of the pictures are on Facebook.
I don't have the time to upload twice. >.<

I don't have the time to be online actually. I should be studying for the upcoming exams.. and practising my piano songs.. for another EXAM.. exams all the way ...>.<

I wonder what drives me to keep blogging. Is it as a diary that everyone can read? Or as a way to vent my emotions? Or just for the sake of continuing what I've been doing? Is it worth the time?? I certainly hope so..

German Class is fun. If only I studied the language a bit more.. but.. Bio and Chem are definitely more important.. so.. oh well.
But I made more friends through the class.. =) Mugi and Yew Chong and Ka Ting and Pek and Vivesha and Susie and Vanessa and Kah Yan and Odelia and Rachel and Azim and Q-En and and and and and.. =D


Frau Maria..
Card made by Vanessa..
Pops out. =)

And there are the Bio experiments which require written reports. >.<

Catalase-10-vol-H2O2 rate of reaction

Nescafe Caffeine.

Our last Ethics Class.
I'll miss En. Affuan. =(

I kinda miss the days of being a Prefect.

Oh well.

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