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5:37 PM

My First Class Dinner

Etched by Isaac

After much debate, we finally decided to have it at Pak Li Kopitiam in Ole-ole last Tuesday.
So we went there. . . . and I kinda pity the staff as they had to clear up after us.. there was cake, cream, and food.

I still wonder whose idea it was; who started smearing cake cream on peoples' faces. But it was fun; the first time I heard Jieyun scream.. Huan De and Chien Chong are my two suspects. =P

And I have yet to get back at Kityeng aka Isaac who painted my face TWICE. >.<
But the dinner was fun, even though we guys had to wait for the girls pretty long.. considering they came from their hostel and we had to come from college..hahaha.

I finally got to have my dinner with Kelvin. =D
And I sat .. imprisoned at the end of 7 tables.. right in the corner..

And those around me got to see me crying.. nasi lemak special too special already... >.< *must train by eating more spicy food*

something that made me shed tears.

Long time since I had the experience of running around avoiding cake cream.. wahhaha.. like small children.. hahahahahahaha~~

The kopitiam became like our temporary home; we took pictures like nobody's business..

behind the scenes.

Pictures like these..
*credit to Kelvin for the clearer pictures taken with his better phone camera*

*my front view*

difference in height.. lol

poor Huan De... seriously tired of being hugged and leaned on..

*donno why I still couldn't get the picture with 'Isaac" right*
some factor is missing somewhere... hmmmm

*a scream shattered the atmosphere*
*it was Jieyun*
*there was CREAM on her face!*

Then the cream flew around..
kesian! *haha*

I have a wonderful class.. =D
This shall be the first of many class dinners to come!
And a big thank you to Salha, Bila, Ika, Dilah and Syikin who bought us a Secret Recipe Cake for Raya! =)

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