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9:51 PM

Wanna blog but cannot blog

Etched by Isaac

Haven't got the time...
Out of three days, about 1 day (half + half) spent on piano, half spent on Bio Report, half spent on Badminton, quarter spent on Campus Action - Are We There Yet?, quarter spent on Speedreading Presentation.

I avoided Facebook.
Thank God.

This week I've learnt the hard way that with power comes responsibility and with responsibility comes decisions and with decisions come consequences and with consequences come effects, whether good or bad. *super long sentence*

And I realised that at least some of my classmates realise how much the class rep does for the class. .. >.<

And I learnt not to play badminton NONSTOP for 2.5 hours the hard way too; my legs got cramped.. couldn't even stand.. >.< but badminton in the gym that day was really fun =)
I want to thank Huan De for accompanying me to the HEP block.. =) and Dr. caught us and asked us whether we were dating.. and we were like.. " HUH??"

Huan De and I .. lol..

My results are taking a turn for the worse .. =( .. need to study much much more.. I suppose.. but.. there's a clash of priority.. the piano exam should be given higher priority than the end of semester exams.. so.. more time will be spent practising.. means less time studying.. means.. I must maintain the results even though I can't study more. *determined*

Badminton in college was on Thursday.
Badminton with Voon Ho and Jack Kee (special guest) was on Saturday.
Badminton is great. =)

This week I'll be staying till Saturday because there's a test on Saturday. >.< Ethics.

Intec Library at Night.

Oops I spent 10 minutes here.. no more time. >.<

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