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3:37 PM

Yet another week

Etched by Isaac

Random Pictures.

Cendana's newly refurbished sports area. =P
*the guy who saw me taking this picture must have wondered who that crazy guy was. Taking pictures of Cendana.. what lah.. *.. next time I must remember to turn off the flash >.<

This was taken in INTEC.
It's nice! =)

what a cat can do with a dustbin.

at the front of the bus. . *thanks Jian Li*

This week had its highlights: ALMEC HiCom election, CATS AGM and Language Awareness Week Finale Night.

No tests this week but there'll be plenty of tests next week.
I finally managed to finalise the arrangements for the class trip. *phew*.. after much ado. *aiyoh*

Catering to the wants of 24 people is not an easy task.
Especially when they come from all over Malaysia..

My statistics test results have shown me that I need to work much harder. >.<
No more dilly-dallying. I realised that I waste the most time: in class, at Cendana, in the library, in the bus. That means EVERYWHERE. *except the study room in Cendana- that's where I can actually do my homework*

But there was one day in class when I managed to actually do my homework by concentrating so hard that the others didn't dare to disturb me.. haha.. I need to do that more often.

Statistics homework is all we do all day everyday in my class.. there's so much of it to be done!

Monday saw me playing piano until I got shooed out TWICE..

in the Education Faculty

and the Music Faculty

Vivien bought the class halal mooncake!
*thanks Vivien*

everyone likes mooncake.. haha

The food at Darul Ehsan is really worth it. RM4.50 for all the rice I can eat.. and a glass of ice water. Compare that to RM4 for Chinese food which isn't enough at most times..

almost as good as Pelita.. but at a cheaper price. =)

Staying back late at INTEC is going to be part of my life in the near future.. what with tests and all looming up just around the corner.

as evening dawns..

I spent a lot of energy promoting candidates.. for free.. lol..

"Vote!! Vote!! Vote!!" *shows poster*

They even have a badge!
*lots of dedication in propaganda* =P

The CATS AGM was .. a gathering of a lot of people.

And my class' English dramas were really funny.. =P

mainly about a mother, son, father and a 3rd party female character.. =P

KoPLN Aerobics was pretty fun.. *shake it shake it*.. lol..

I was pleasantly surprised to see Teah, Wee, Song Hwee and Poh Chai *not in pic* all in the study room. Later Chien Chong came in and said "WALIAO" and went out. LOL..
*we are all classmates and rarely see each other in the study room*


.. woke up late because I stayed in the study room till midnight doing STATISTICS.

Chem Practical.

Roshini irradiating test tube.. hahahah..and we didn't have enough UV rays..

it's still coloured..

more fire!! FIRE!!

Out of all the 23 speeches of the ALM HiCom candidates, I liked Gary's the most.. because he already knew that we would be bored of the same old thing; he did something unique - sitting with the audience.

Quote: "WHY can't I sit HERE??" *sits with the girls* =P
he got teased over that later.. haha.. why over with the girls and not the guys.. =P

lend support to Ali!
*who was so sleepy.. lol*

Candidates sitting in the centre..
Dina.. lol


Many people have asked me why I didn't join HiCom.
I just don't want to because I don't have the time.
And I don't want to anyway.
I don't need to.
I don't.
I want to have a low profile.. heheh.. if that's possible.. =P

Language Awareness Night was really great. =D
I felt that the best performance was that of the Japanese group - Fisherman dance.. very nice choreography and coordination. Maybe I should consider bringing a proper camera to INTEC.. hmm.. but then again.. nahh.. I shouldn't waste the time.
Our dear Frau Maria's BM performance was a surprise.. and she dressed up like a real Dutch lady in pink dress and all.. (but she's German)

couldn't believe that was Huan De.

I'm actually starting to like Mr. Kamal.. lol

Ausmat Students..

ALM choral speaking!
*conductor's shadow - Chamanjeet*
*Huan De's in the front row- centre.. Jieyun further to the right*
* I need a better camera for this.. *

Definitely the best performance - Fisherman Dance.
Especially the move when they split into 2.. huhu..

Frau Maria translating German (spoken by her husband) to BM!

"ICH LIEBE DICH!!! Whoaooo.."

ADFP's kinda crazy performance.. with Mr. Kamal inside..

Today I played an impromptu game of badminton before leaving college.. and so I made the journey back all the way in a sweat-soaked shirt. =.=''

the court.
with Wee, Chien Chong and Song Hwee saying "NO!"

Next Thursday.. a properly arranged game. =D

And Teah's jacket is really eye-catching.. fluorescent yellow and pinkish-red against a grey background.. even the zips have colour.. O.o

Teah. Most fashionable guy in class. Teaches shuffling. For free. =P

"like this.. ok.. "

what I stared at for 45 minutes waiting for the delayed commuter train.

College is fun.
Studying should be as fun.
Hopefully. =)
I really thank God for this opportunity to be here. =)

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LiewZhenYuan, Gary said...

college is good... if u get scholarship...
or else it makes u pk...

Isaac said...

lol.. depends la.. why are you worrying now?