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11:59 PM

Comment All you want..

Etched by Isaac

This is me playing the piano.
I need constructive feedback. (like anyone's going to give any)
Hahahaa.. =D

4 opinions:

den said...

okay i m comparing ur play with another 1's play. so don't mind

ur vid at 1:00 / ppl vid at 0:46
tis part is abt the contrast
listen to the bass
ur bass should either b stronger at the wat to say the part when u slam the piano part -OR- ur bass could b softer at the gentle part
let the listeners feel tat there is a HUGE contrast.

go 4 the second options as i think tat piano's bass can't b get any stronger

ur vid 2:26 / ppl vid at 2:36
tripletSSS b clear
it sounded like rushing through
think tat all the triplets in tis part as giggling it is nicer to hear when it is clear

ur vid at 05:16 / ppl vid at 07:33
same thing triplets

the rest is nice cause the melody is nicely supported by the harmony/bass

dynamics n tempo is good

well i dont touch on the count of each notes as every1 has their own personal taste

God Bless! (: D) |: )| (: P)

Xavier said...

Wow.. haha.. sorry, never did learn piano so i can't give any technical 'constructive feedbacks'. Hahaha. but on the whole, aside from Den's, i think it's nice. I like the transition of mood from one to another smooth and gradual. And for heaven sake, wear a tuxedo to add to the effects.. haha.. keep up the good job ya !

Isaac said...

to Den.

Lol.. smart. =P
hahaha.. =)
okay.. about the 'triplets' actually they're ornaments.. trills.. hehe.. but yeah. My mistakes.
About the bass, well I need a grand piano..will be using one during the exams.. thanks =)

Hehe.. thanks again =D

Isaac said...

to Xavier

hahaha =) thanks man! =D

yeah.. I won't be wearing T-shirt of course. =P
hahahah =)
one more week.. no no.. SIX days.. >.<

thanks again =)