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9:52 PM

Of Adventure..

Etched by Isaac

So it's finally all over.

Everything's over.
Finals are done with.
I thank God for the wisdom to read past year papers - 6 out of 9 questions were from one of those papers for Bio. =D
I was like looking through the paper and thinking "Wah wah wahhhhhh...."
happy. =)

All the studying was worth it I guess.

So the finals are finally over.
Then it was off to Mid Valley with the 5 of us - Kiran, Kah Yan, Vanessa, Jonas and I.
Or so we planned.
Just the night before, I was frantically booking tickets for 2012 at Mid Valley.

call here call there.. lol

We ended up walking about in Sunway Pyramid and dining at Manhattan Fish Market, which happens to be a really nice place with great waiters.
10% service charge was really worth it. =D

The mirrors there are really nice =)
observe the mirrors for those holding the camera.. hehe

5 happy people

This are fried mushrooms. Delicious. =D


Flaming the food? wow..

So we walked after downing the huge portions of food..which some people couldn't finish. =P

And discovered Chocolate!!

And Books!

And more Chocolate!

Discovering the piano..

Bumped into the other guys. Hehe.

Thanks Kelvin for this picture =)
It shows me how much taller I am.. lol...

So we didn't watch any movie.
But it was really more about spending time with friends, whether it was at the KTM station or exploring the colourful Pyramid interior or in the taxi on the way back then it was about watching a movie.
And it was the first time I visited that mall since Pesta 2006. I still remember eating at Long John Silver's.. lol..memories of Pesta. Band was awesome too.

Movies will come and go but friends will remain regardless of the movies and the rave reviews.

I discovered this at 1.45 am. Lol. Barbecue?

Slept at 2 am on Saturday morning and woke up early at 7 for SkyTrex.
This was my very first class trip.
In a nutshell, the activities (challenges) along the Extreme Trail were AWESOME. Tiring, yes, but AWESOME.

I have to thank my class for their support all the way.. after numerous class meetings with their persuasive class rep. =P

Those of my class who didn't want to go will regret it after seeing the pictures.
And the pictures taken there were equally awesome. =)
They're all on Facebook. All 200 selected pictures.. here only twenty-something

Salha in action!!

Roshini.. roshini.. lol

I was the first one up. It's a long long way down. =/

And here I come!!

Haha.. thanks to Su Pei for going before me to snap my picture =)

multi-layered photo... people climbing up.. people waiting.. people..

with the Emperor =)

Song Hwee!!

tough monkey bars. >.<

Here comes Viswan

could stop halfway to take pictures.. hahaha =D

Here we go... hehe..

Wee is on his way.. haha

Popped into chien chong's photo =)

Before and after.

The sole victim.

All of us except Salha and Su Pei. (who had to leave early)

In the bus on the way back to the entrance. =)

Facebook upload is getting on my nerves. >.< super slow. And when I have like 300++ pictures to upload, time is of the essence.. and speed of photo upload is indeed important.

After SkyTrex, I discovered in the taxi on the way back that Poh Chai, Sheila and Roshini were going to Mid Valley. I managed to get them to come with me to Pavilion instead. And pulled Vanessa along. Haha.. before she left the next day for Penang.. =)

long wait for sheila and roshini

The journey to Pavilion from Shah Alam was a rocky one through the increasingly-heavy drizzle and limited umbrellas.

It was also my first time acting as a tour guide.. for 4 friends - 2 from Penang, one each from Kedah and Pahang. I queued up to buy them tickets for the LRTs.. haha.. and pointed out landmarks along the journey. =)

By the time we reached Pavilion, we were half wet. Poh Chai was ALL wet. (kesian)

Yet again no 2012 for us. Vanessa spotted a notice saying "2012 sold out for today." after we queued up. (split into 3 lines to maximise potential of reaching counter earlier) Lol.. we ended up watching the "Fourth Kind". Pretty creepy movie. But there was warmth next to me. =D

Dinner was at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Quite nice food. But terrible lighting for photos. >.< Sheila was like scolding me for taking pictures of her. =P

cure for my lost voice..

Vanessa's tea. Ice Lemon. I think.

This cost about 20 bucks.
Worth it?
But the cheese baked rice was really nice =)

And Poh Chai ate.

Since Roshini's friend (I think boyfriend not friend) came with car, he sent her (and Sheila and Poh Chai) back to hostel, leaving me to get Vanessa back to her aunt's place, which I did. =D

Pavilion decor rocks =D

I won't see any of them till.. next year.. =(
Well at least we had these gatherings =)

I reached home near midnight on Saturday.

Then came Sunday with church and a visit to Katrina's side for badminton.
Chum is a good badminton player. =)
Kat's not too bad too. =D

*but I still can't pull off a proper smash. argh. *

Monday saw my whole family going to Shah Alam. Visited my aunt. And collected my stuff from Cendana. Week-old clothes stink. >.< Lol.

Jonas was the only person in my room left. He'll be around for another week before flying back to Kuching.

Despite his near residence, Andrew was still around in Cendana. Settling JPKC stuff.. I'll miss my roommates too.

cool people =)

And my classmates. And my German Classmates. And and and.. other newly-found friends in INTEC.

I'll be missing this particular piano. >.<

Ghai Xiong and I. Tall!. =P

There was this rappelling one evening in Intec. Hmm..

Isaac and Isaac. =D

But I already miss my MBS friends.. and BB friends.. Will see them soon =D

Btw.. how badly can Taylor's misspell my name? >.<

Out with the old and in with the New. Sapphire 4870 1 GB. Great deal. =D

Missing you.

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Xavier said...

Goshh... you write really REALLY long post... haha.. hey, how come i didn't bump into you at sunway that particular night ?

Isaac said...

hahahha.. this post was for i think 2 or 3 weeks of not blogging.. hahaha... that night? not too sure.. =P