The Sky never was the Limit...with God

Ramblings and reflections of one growing in stature and wisdom and in his walk with God :)

So I managed to dislocate my arm twice while bouldering yesterday.
After the first time, it just popped back into its socket and worked like a charm.. so I rested.. and promised myself not to climb.
Then after an hour, we were upstairs and in the more challenging section.
I decided to give it a go.

To pull myself up.
The moment I pulled myself up, my arm just came out of its socket with a "KRAK" kind of sound.
I fell back onto the mattress..not that far..but.. the arm.. the PAIN...

I tried to shove it back into its socket again but to no avail.
Thank God for people like Kelvin Kuan.. and his group of climber friends.

Apparently the clinic next door was closed >.<

They called my father. He rushed to the scene. All of that 15 minutes I was lying on my back unable to move myself in the fear of hurting the arm further and thinking to myself.. "HOW?? PIANO EXAM in TWO WEEKS!!!!"

My father managed to get me up and walking. Adrenaline pumping. The pain of moving the dislocated joint.
I almost cried. >.<

Dizziness rushed up to my head. I felt faint. Then at the door, the arm just popped back in place. Thank God.

I sat down and smiled and thanked Him =)
And said sorry to all of the group who had to stop their climbing to assist me, a newbie who didn't know how not to push the limits.

I learnt that there are many things in life that we just don't appreciate.
Not till they are taken away from you.

Stuff like your healthy body and the five or more senses *smiles*. And your voice.
And your friends and family and all those you love dearly. and those who love you. And your home and belongings and all your material possessions. And the little things people do for you that make you happy. And all of them who care for you. And think of you.

So now I learn to thank God for all His blessings upon my life.
And I'll live from day to day singing His praises. And smiling.
Now I know how it feels like to dislocate an arm. That'll help when I'm treating people later. =)

No more climbing for me.
Not till I heal properly.
Now my arm can move. But it's stiff and it hurts a bit.
But I know my limits.
I'm just too heavy for my arms to support my gargantuan weight. >.< *fat* =P

For now I'll just stick to badminton. =D

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