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4:25 PM

24 more hours.

Etched by Isaac

... and it'll be all over.

What is it?

A labour of love? Or blood, sweat and tears?
1.5 years of practice will all boil down to that 32 minutes tomorrow.

One mistake or memory slip will jeopardise the hours and hours spent toiling in front of the various pianos I've related with all this while.

I had a memory blackout during this song just now. >.<. This is me playing just that song. But still not at my best. >.<

Gotta relax. Enjoy the music. Forget about everything else. Stop worrying about not reaching the time limit. Forget that I'm playing for an examiner.

Praying that my hands don't sweat too much.

ATCL Recital. It's here and it's big and it's REAL. >.<

time flies my dear.

2 opinions:

Ern Yu said...

ALL THE BEST ISAAC!!!!! sorry i m a bit l8....hehe ><

Isaac said...

hahahah.. thanks! =) it's OVER!! =D =D thank God no major slips.. hahaha =)