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10:14 AM

Christmas Day

Etched by Isaac

What happened on Christmas Day?
Well... I woke up at 10.30 to start with..
With messages in my phone unanswered.. hahhaha =D

Opened Presents! Happy.
and one that I didn't have to open. Happy. *smiles*
p/s. I got what I wanted for Christmas. =)

Then Gordon and I followed our father around .. to two houses.. =)

One for lunch

carolling group

Uncle Woo sharing.

and I caught Joel there!

Then off to another house.. Uncle Gary's house. =)

he's barbecuing Lamb..

decorations in an Indian house. =P

Then back home.
I was still sleepy despite my long sleep...
Back home to sort through and upload pictures...

Then off to CONVERGE.
Which will be in the next post. =)

Merry Christmas and God Bless !! =D =D =D

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