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9:22 AM

Christmas Eve Service! =)

Etched by Isaac

outside the Grand Ballroom. (in the lobby)

Gordon.. with candy..hahah

Pre-service prayer.
Everything has to go just right. So we ask God for help =)

Metro Tabernacle's last Christmas service in Flamingo Hotel. =)
We'll be in our new building near Batu Caves very soon..hahaha.. God willing =)

So this year I thought I'd take some pictures =) I
t helped that I was sitting right at the front. At the very front.
And I mean right at the front. First row. O.o

Very good view of everything. Hahaha. =D
There were Carols! and Singing!

And Presentations!!!

First up was the sketch by Kelvin Kuan and Sis. Ivy. =)
and the three wise (and GPS dependent) men. =P hahahahah

A desperate Joseph (Kelvin) trying to convince the clerk of the Registrar of Births (sis Ivy) to register Jesus.

"So where's the Father??"
"er.. I can't bring you the father.."
"Why can't you? He's too busy?? Is he the CEO of some company or something?"
"Ok ok. I'll tell you a secret. He's God Almighty"
"Ya right.. "
*laughter erupts*

we have come from afar
... seeking a child..
Star?? No.. we use GPS!
*holds up phone*

Then the choral speaking by NexGen conducted by Abigail..

Then the NexGen dancers.. wow.. hahahah... Ju Yi and Jeremy main characters.. =P

Violinists in the corner..

Then then then.. the Chinese Ministry's singing team..
Obviously I didn't understand what they were singing.. =P

Then the King's Kids. With singing too =)

that one boy caused a lot of laughter from the audience.. haha

And then back to worship and carols and .. then the message. =D

"For Christmas Service is never complete without at least part of the Christmas message..."
-Pastor Ong-

God sent His Son, Jesus, to take the form of Man.... and to die for our sins so we could be reconciled with God. =) because God loves us. And God is Love.

these people were saved that night. =) Praise the Lord! =)

12.15 am. I think. >.<

Caught Katrina for pictures before I left. =) tired.

hi Kat. =P

it's been a year.. hahahahaha.. and I'm still wearing the SAME shirt.
(minus the smiley tie). heheheh

and of course James has to be there, doesn't he? =)

piggyface. =P

And with that, it's CHRISTMAS!!!
Merry Christmas. >.< and a Happy New Year!!!! =D

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