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9:20 AM

Christmas Eve!

Etched by Isaac

Marathon Day.
Knocked me out at the end. Which would be roughly 1.15am.
It started at 7 am though. Heheheh. =D

Badminton at Sigma.
Next time, (I have learnt) I shall go early to book, with a few friends. Cos we get to play for free before our time slot starts! =D

9.40am till 12.20pm. Official booking time was 10.20-12.20 actually. Hahah.

hahahaha =D

the 6 courts are empty..

Dennis warming up. =D

Then we walked to school..
Then I collected Gordon's PMR results.
He got his straight 7 A's!!
Praise the Lord!!! =D
(and he just flew back from Taiwan at that time. He was at KLIA)

Then off for lunch.. which was somewhere in KL.. Jalan Tung Shin.
Anthony the driver. Wahaha. =P
Actual plans to watch movie were altered somewhat because Anthony wanted to go back earlier to avoid the massive jams that would appear soon.

fuyoh fuyoh..
Jack Kee.. hahaha.. you can't hide..hahahahahahahah =P

Our lunch was, in my opinion, quite funny.
To avoid the jams, Anthony took some back roads. And we ended up at Jalan Tung Shin.
Seized the only available parking lot and made our way up to a food outlet called "Food Stop"

We queried Anthony and he said "Let's try it!"
Ended up with Anthony scolding the waiter because his pasta turned out to be spaghetti with baked beans.. whereas Yem's seafood spaghetti had two mussels and cost less than Anthony's 'pasta'. Aiyoh. Hahaha..
Moral of the story is that we should have ate at Jalan Alor, which was just next door. >.<
These kind of food outlets (like Food Stop) will never offer value for money... =(

RM6.90 each kind of drinks..

Dennis hugging Daniel. hahaha..the last picture I had of them doing this was Graduation Day.
Almost a year ago. >.<

Instead of 10 people watching, we had 4.
Hwa Jiunn, Voon Ho, Daniel and I.

Hwa Jiunn:
"Congratulations! You have won 4 tickets to the movie, Avatar!!"
Hahahahhah =P

Great show. =) should have watched it in 3D. >.<

Meanwhile, those who didn't watch the movie were probably at the arcade... playing Daytona.. hahahaha.. =P

Bumped into Hsien Wei and Voon Keong and Lap Bann outside the cinema. =) Long time no see..haha

They're looking at the CONVERGE invitation cards I gave them

Then I rushed back for Christmas Eve dinner with family =) Happy family. =D

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