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10:14 AM


Etched by Isaac

So I went there. And met.. of all people.. (but I wasn't very very surprised though)... Mock Kar Wai and Benedict Au. Wah.

Apparently Sarah invited Benedict, and he invited Kar Wai.

The CAM people changed the look of the main sanctuary totally. Haha. =)

Not really blogging about the concert though.

I left the place with a headache.. too much noise.. and too near the speakers.. >.<
But the music was nice.
The sketch was nice too. Plenty of jokes. But I still don't really get the message behind it.

Perhaps it's "Christmas isn't just about gifts. It's about being thankful for what you have"
or it's "Money isn't everything"..
or or or... I don't know.. >.<..

Ji Mi and Benji. =)

There was Pastor's message too.. =)

I liked the banter between Pastor Ong and the 'fake' emcee, Bryan.
Nescafe advertisement guy. =P

"What does Christmas mean personally to YOU??"
hahahahahaha =D =D =D

More pictures

The emcees .. Jessica and Sirn Loong

and there was head-banging.. Kee Aun and group..hahahaha

Jessica sings well =)

and so does Joleen

and Shermaine

I guess the concert turned out well. =)
Praise the Lord! =D
hearts were touched =)

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