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3:36 PM

Dinner and Fireflies. =D

Etched by Isaac

So I went for piano class.. and made lots of mistakes because I was so sleepy.. >.<

Then there was Dinner.. at a place called Beggar's Chicken Restaurant or something like that.. with my father's two cell groups.

It really was a TEN COURSE meal. >.<
Ate till super full.

Credit to Gordon for the pictures of the food. =)
Canon cameras have better colour in pictures than Panasonic cameras. >.< unfortunately I have to admit that. =P

The famous Beggar Chicken.
Baked in herbal soup, the tender meat just falls off the bones and it tastes so so so so good..

Beggar Pork Trotters.
Mainly Fats.

Glutinous Rice. Very nice. ..with lots of salted egg yolks.. *delicious*

Beggar Duck.
(cannot eat because of Chinese medication for my arm >.<)

Vegetables. (the only vegetable dish out of 10 dishes)

Steamed Fish. Heavenly. =)

Prawns. (cannot eat) =(

Crab. (cannot eat) =P
complete with hammer.

Pig's stomach soup.
Lots of Pepper.
Stomach tastes kinda like chicken.. LOL..

Fruits, which I didn't touch.. because I was too full after four bowls of soup.

I promised Joanna that there wouldn't be pictures of her eating on Facebook.
But this isn't Facebook, is it? =P

Food was fantastic.
Then we went to Kg. Kuantan to see Fireflies!
Once in a lifetime experience. =)

But the next time if I ever go again, I want to have a DSLR to capture the twinkling Christmas light-like glowing bugs which light up the mangrove trees in the midst of the hauntingly calm darkness.

My camera couldn't see a thing.
And using the flash is pretty useless. Not to mention that it might cause harm to the poor insects which are already endangered because of constant logging and deforestation.

The 10-minute ride on the sampan around the lake cost RM10 per person.
But then again, it isn't often that I get to take pictures with my family =)

Happy Family.

Gordon and I. Soon he'll be taller than me. Hahaha =)

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Ern Yu said...

OMGOSHHHHHH!!!! CHINESE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!! something so IMPOSSIBLE to get HERE!!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! ><

Isaac said...

awww.......... aiyoh.. heheh.. huhu.. =P
Indian food.. hahahahaha.....awww.... aww... kesian. =P

Ern Yu said...

swt..../// hahahaha XP

Isaac said...