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3:04 PM

Dr. Henry's Wedding.

Etched by Isaac

So my family and I attended this wedding.
Held in the Hilton at KL Sentral, the wedding was a WOW event. =)
Superb interior decorations.. posh ambience... wonderful food.. haha =)
And lots of church members.
Apparently Dr. Henry knew Aunty Siew Leng a long time ago.. and their courtship lasted 15 years.. (or something like that)
He's 37.
And an ex-MBSian. And ex-1st KL NCO. Sectional leader.
And studied in Manippal. =)

Well, I was surprised to see lots of church members at the wedding.. so.. since we dressed up so nicely and were in such a nice place, we decided to take PICTURES. Hahaha =)

But not as many as we'd like to take.. because there wasn't time.
And I learnt that there's one good reason for people to buy DSLRs - they can take pictures in lower light levels... unlike compact cameras like mine *sobs* =P

This post will be mainly pictures, pictures and more pictures. =) Note the handsome groom and the beautiful bride. =)

And the cute slideshow.

Credits to Gordon for some of the pictures. His Canon has better low light picture quality than my Panasonic! Owh well. technology keeps improving. Just one year of improvement.

Cute Chef. =P

Hahah.. =)

Fruit punch!!

Obviously I had to disturb the piano. Wahaha.. =P

Nice Nice Nice. =)

Table 36. Right smack next to the VIPs' table. =D

VIPs' 3-in-1 table.

Caught Jonathan for a picture! =)

it's a Yamaha btw. =P
And no, I didn't play. Didn't dare to. =P

Sarah and her two bodyguards. =P

Cheryl and Serene.
Cheryl was so unprepared for this picture. =P

CHOCOLATE fountain. =P

The Grand Entrance.
Dark Hall. Spotlights. Smoke. Doors open. Couple enters. =)

They're doing something behind the chocolate fountain!! >.<.. cannot see. =P

The Emcee for the night.

at my table

The Menu

The First Course.
Dry ice in the cup.

what happens when you turn on the Flash. >.<
Sharksfin soup.

the roses at the centre of the table

Steamed Fish

Gordon trying to take a picture of himself..
hahah.. we had to help him.. =P

The picture he took. =D


Uncle Victor making his rounds as the proud father of the Groom.

The Official Slide Show of how Henry Met Siew Leng =P
(I like the caricature of Dr Henry in the plane)

then Dr. Henry took the stage

The smile on her face could be seen from the back..
Hahaha. =D

Nice =)

His Speech. =)
holding hands.
sweet. =)

The Toast.
Cheers = YAAMM SENG!!!
*very obedient crowd*

Us with the sweet newlywed couple. *smiles*

Training to overcome the allergy, I ate the whole prawn (minus the shell and head) with trepidation.
NO sorethroat!! =D

Caught Sarah for a picture after eating the Prawn. =P

More of Sarah. =D

Mushroom and Vegetables
Broccoli, asparagus, carrot.

Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice.

The dessert!! Best Course of the day. =D
Warm Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream.
Raspberry Jam and biscuit stick.
Sprayed-on or something kind of heart on the plate...haha

WARM chocolate oozed out the moment I punctured the surface of the cake.
Haha.. . and the chocolate was really nice =)


Then we had to leave. 11pm.

apparently it didn't work out. =/

A quiet KL Sentral

The Office.

Maybank Tower.

God Bless the Couple. =) *winks*

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