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10:41 AM

Food.. and more food.

Etched by Isaac

It was the Kemensah Heights cellgroup Christmas Party.
And since my father was one of the main people in charge, my family got to attend!
And I pulled four of my friends along.

Unfortunately Anthony couldn't make it. >.<
But there's always other chances. =)
I thank those who managed to make it =)

Most of what I remember of the party was the fun chatting and eating. And the running around after the party.. from Kemensah Heights to Ampang to Kemensah Heights again then to church then to Bukit Bintang.. then back home.. hahahaha..we reached home at about 1am.
But happy. =D

Mun Fei was happy too, following us.. hahaha.. within that 2 hours, I sat in four different vehicles.. hehe.. two Kancils, a van and an Atos. hahahahaha =D Mun Fei will remember that night. A tour of Ampang. A visit to Isaac's house for the first time. And a poor hamster. And weird people at Bukit Bintang at 12.30am. >.<.
hahahahaha =)

Mun Fei in Isaac's house on the couch. =P

And I remember the preparing process the night before and the afternoon before the party itself. Hahaha.. running from the computer to the kitchen.. and back and forth.. hehe.. =P Learning how to make agar-agar (which would later be evaluated by Voon Ho..hahaha)

The party was great. Food was more than enough. We ate until.. we .. well.. we couldn't eat anymore.. hahaha.. then we discovered Cheesecake.. and stuffed ourselves..hahahaha.. thank you to Aunty Lilian.. for the cheesecake. And to Uncle Chong, the host, for the TURKEY. >.< =D

The time chatting with Jasper, Adrian, Mun Fei and Voon Ho, as well as Richmond.. oops, I meant Kendrick, was great too.

Apparently everywhere I go, there's sure to be tales of girls.. *smacks forehead*.
I wonder why that topic is so popular.
Then I guess when girls go out, they talk about guys. =.='

Isn't there anything else to talk about??
And btw Kee An doesn't have a girlfriend.. according to Loke.. hahahahahaha =P
And we were disturbing Mun Fei about girls.. hahaha.. hahaha.. and of course they disturbed me as well. Everywhere I go, people disturb me about girls. Recently it's been about that single picture that has 274 comments on Facebook right now. Well.. it's a nice picture I guess, colour scheme, proportions and all.. and nice smiles..of nice people.. but it's just that. A nice picture.
Argh. *smiles*

Hahahaha. =)

Form 6 life is tough. I kinda pity my friends in Form 6. =(
Gambate to them.. just another 12 months of torture. ... God help them.

Well.. there are pictures. =)

Isaac fanning the flame..hahahahha

arrival of guests..
found the four guys in the car.. on the WRONG side of the bus stop.
Had to make a detour along the MRR2 to get them in.
Hahah. =) thank God the drizzle ended.

*sucks in deep breath*
"Faalllll...............on your knees............ o hear............... the angel voi......ces....."
*breathes in quickly*
"O ni.........iiight........ divine.......o night..... when Christ was born"
*breathes quicker*
"O night................o night divine"

Daddy sharing the Christmas message.
Well, it's all about Jesus Christ's birth.
Without Him, there is no reason to celebrate.
So, Jesus is the reason for the season! =D


Jasper: "See this! The CREATION. The ART."
Loke: "*holds the plate out and smiles for the camera*"
hahahahaha =D

carcass of turkey.
Notice ORANGE inside. wow. =)

Pattalaayaka!!.. I still wonder what he meant. =P
sausages... sausages.... sausages! =)


Jasper and the sausage.

Evaluation of agar-agar by Mr. Loke Voon Ho.

Hmm. The texture is.. quite ok.. the consistency.. good.. the solidity.. I think can la. . erm.. the colour.. white.. nice.. the sweetness.. not too sweet.. is good.. then.. the flavour.. erm.. milk.. nice..
hahahahah =D

Richmond. Richmond Kendrick. =P

Yem's enjoying the agar-agar too!. hahahah =)

And there was this cute furball of a dog there.. hahaha =)

Yem rubbing his tummy while the others laugh. =)
The start of Group Pictures! =D

Up in the sky??

Nope there was nothing. =/

Onto the ground. =P
Then behind the trees..hehe.. there are... four.. no.. five people..

We grew taller after eating food that night. =P

Looking forward to the next meeting.
And next year too. =)
3rd January is coming!! =D

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