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6:12 PM

Goodbye. =/

Etched by Isaac

It's been a long and rough and tough and fun and memorable trip.

My 5.5 year stint in 1st KL BB Company has undoubtedly shaped my life for the better.
Now here I am.. about to return the uniform parts.

I polished them for the last time.
To observe the sheen and shine.
To make them glint in the sunlight.
To let them sparkle in all their glory.

And I got a blister on my left thumb for my efforts. >.<

But anyway, life is about decisions.. and one of my decisions is not to become a staff sergeant.. this is due to many factors.
But the main one is the fact that I need to spend more time with the people of my church. Being born and bred in Metro Tabernacle but not knowing the youth and those in the church is a pretty sad thing.
But the hours spent at YC every Saturday for the past 5 years were definitely worth it.

I will take every opportunity to promote this uniformed youth organisation to anyone deemed fit.

Because it changes lives.

And because it gave me Character, Leadership and Brotherhood.

I thank God for 1st KL.

Thank you too 1st KL.
I pray that you will keep going strong despite the untoward circumstances popping up lately.
Pesta 2010 will be indeed a blast. =D

2 opinions:

Xavier said...

Amen to you brother. Though a bit shock as to why you reject being promoted, but i think if it's what your hearts wants, go for it ! =)

Anyway, you can always be a helper or sorts ^^

My Captain used to tell us, Once a BB Boy, always a BB Boy. You're always welcome in the Boys' Brigade as a fellow brother in Christ !

Cheers =)

Isaac said...

hahhaa... =) you have to be in my position to understand.. =)

hehe. but thanks ya!
yeah.. i can still be a helper.. =D
and yea... my Captain used to tell us that too!! .. =D

cheers~ =)