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3:36 PM

I ain't a prolific Blogger

Etched by Isaac

Well, apparently I'm not.
I just update this blog from time to time when I have the time.
Where did the time go?
It went to the Piano.
And the books.
And the newspapers.
And the FACEBOOK. and MSN.. and DIGSBY =P
And going here and there.. =P

But mainly I have to prepare for my piano exam.. which is less than ONE week away!!. >.<

Gordon and I at Kenny Rogers in Sri Hartamas.
It was his and Daddy's birthday =)

We found this!
Doraemon's Dorayaki.. (I think I spelled that right)

A funny sign along the staircase at our Mixed Rice store in Petaling Street.
Noticed it with Dennis =) on a Friday. The last Friday of school.

Realised that it's been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I took my SPM.
So fast.. =(

Goodbye gloves. You have served me well. =)
Hahaha.. =)

KL Library. Nice place. Nice Books. Nice nice nice. =)

Dataran Merdeka from inside the library
(yes the library is just next to Merdeka Square)

I want to finish reading all these!! before the hols end.
>.< >.<
36 bucks for this thin booklet.
It's in German - Two Rhapsodies. =D
But for exams, I can only bring in ORIGINAL copies of the music.

Oh well. =)
On a journey. A long journey in which I have recently learnt something very interesting about people and about God.
Just 6.5 years till I finish my studies.
Just 6.5 years.
Just.. 6.5 years.

That's four posts in one hour twenty minutes =)
And I probably won't be blogging for a while more. >.<

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