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10:05 PM

Mall Marathon?

Etched by Isaac

It was a whole day's outing =)
From meeting Dennis and Jasper in school at 10 am till I got back at about 6pm.

We ended up waiting for Addison's mother to come with his STPM books. STPM for him finished today. Chemistry Paper 1.

Isaac: "So how was it??"
Addison: "Great!! I didn't know how to do a SINGLE question! Haha!"


So Dennis was in a quandary over the books. 100 bucks for the two whole stacks. Yes, the two WHOLE stacks.
But then again, Addison's a good businessman; he pulled off a successful sale with Dennis. hahah...that left Dennis Rm100 poorer and about 6 kg heavier. Thank God for Jasper's car, in which we deposited the books before heading for the bus to Megamall.

At Megamall we walked about. And wandered. And I got my new bag. =) And and and. And fooled about.

We had a real fun time in Jusco, admiring the shirts.. and other stuff... D'URBAN.. hahahah... hahahaa.. *inside joke*.. hahah.... resembles a certain two teachers' shirts..hahha... especially the batik! =)

Played Golf. =D

Becoming the "Director"

Well, Dennis is promoting the shoe..

While we find weird positions to take pictures. =D

Dennis explaining the mechanics of picking a lock with a tension wrench to Jasper.

Looked at Knives.
Pricey knives. The BUCK knife cost RM1680. >.< ..

And we ate Asam Laksa in Jusco. And Sweated. O.o.. huhu.. I sweated a LOT. Need to train. =P

Then we moved back to Petaling Street.
Along the way, Jasper got knocked by a car.
Dumb driver.

Jasper was already halfway across in front of the Wira, which was stationary, then it moved and the bumper hit his leg. We ran away quickly.. before the driver had any chance to hurl insults.. or something worse. =P

Dropped by McDonalds for ice cream.
Then Jasper knocked into a car.... from the back. Because he was walking behind a slow moving car which stopped while he was eating the ice cream while listening to me ask him what he thought about the statement: "Life is about dancing in the rain while waiting for the storm to pass."
Hahhaa.. =)

Personally, I like the statement very much. =D

Then we parted ways as they walked up the Horley link back to school while I rushed to catch the train to Hang Tuah. 2.15pm.

While walking to Times Square, a motorcyclist which was queuing up at the opposite side of the road honked at me and waved and called out "ISAAC!!!"
I was pretty surprised.. and turned back.. but couldn't recognise the person because of the helmet. He was wearing a white shirt I think. And in the Myvi next to him was some of his friends I think, because he knocked on their window and talked to them after that.

Since I was rushing to catch Jason Chua for the movie (which would be at 2.30), I didn't stop to find out who the mysterious guy was. Oh well. Now I'm really wondering who it was.. >.<

I reached Times Square at 2.22pm.
7 minutes from Kota Raya to Times Square.
Power walked all the way from Hang Tuah. Huhu.. =D

Then I caught Jason and gang in Borders...long time since I saw them.

Bumped into Syafiq outside the counter.
He wouldn't let me take his picture. =P
Now in Maktab Perguruan Ilmu Khas, Cheras, he's going to be a great teacher =)

Jian Han - was working...

Jing Xiang - PJCAD. Graphic designing I think
Wai Kit - APIIT. Wow.

Jason Chua - F6.

And well, we watched the movie - Storm Warriors, which in my humble opinion, was all about the graphic effects and sound.. and action.. and splitting bodies.. and crumbling bodies.. and blood splatters.. and not much storyline.
It was in Cantonese and I was worrying because I don't understand it. But there wasn't much talking at all. Lol. I know there are subtitles.. but... it's not the same. >.<

After the movie, we wanted to take a picture. Okay, it was my idea..fine..
After standing for about 10 minutes, I took a calculated risk.. that the particular old uncle standing about looking blur wouldn't run away with my camera.. and so we got this group picture with the Times Square tree. =D
And the last 'bird', Chin Lee Onn.. haha.. now in UniTEN was in this picture too. =)

Then I left.
Time flies.. =)
Just about 21 more days. Aww... =)

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