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10:19 PM

Of Dancing Fingers

Etched by Isaac

The final few hours saw Isaac doing practically nothing productive.
I was trying to clear my mind of worries and distractions and thoughts that might jeopardise my playing.. hahaha..

One World Hotel ..
We walked in, to hear the sound of a piano. Was it recorded?

Well, there was this pianist there, a lounge pianist.. and his playing was so.. WOW..
I want to learn how to play like a lounge pianist!! =D

Registration done.
I would be the last candidate for the day.
Piano Solo Performance. O.o

My teachers.. were there. =)
Time passed. I actually arrived an hour early. Thank God for thoughtful mothers. =) and fathers. =)

Time flew by in the waiting room.
I made my last call. My last sms. Turned off the phone.

I walked to the examination room, holding the original copies, photostat copies of music, programme note, examination slip and my confidence.

The examiner was a very friendly man. =)
I disturbed him..

"So sir, after this you can go down and hear the lounge pianist play right?"

"Lounge pianist? Yeah.. well.. what do you think of him?"

" like.. WOW..." *makes gesture*

"Yeah!.. that's right.. no need to explain.. I understand. Wow! Haha! "

So he "handed the stage to me"
And I started.

I felt like ...

My perspective -

I watched with amazement as my fingers played the songs while I waited for the time to pass by laboriously. Minor slips and slight mistakes aside in each song, the performance was a great one. Not perfect, definitely, but I thank God that I didn't crumble to pieces under the pressure of nervousness and the knowledge of the fact that I had but this one chance to prove that my practice had bore fruit.

Apparently what Mr. Tan said was true.
"I think you've forgotten what the score looks like"

I also thank God for the INTEC music faculty piano. That particular piano which brings back sweet memories; the exam piano was almost exactly the same; I felt like I was in the Music Faculty playing it. =)

Well, it's finally over.
I was blur for a while.

Now I'm ok.
Thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes. =)
Thanks to my parents who accompanied me there.
Thanks to God for making it happen in the first place. =D

Now let the POST-PIANO Exam Events Start!!! =D Yeah! =D


My refurbished Programme Note.



Me with my two teachers. =)

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