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10:24 PM

Of Roti Bakar and French Toast

Etched by Isaac

This is a short film.. I think.. that it qualifies to be a film because it's more than 35 minutes long..haha.

Directed by Sarah Chew (one of my college friends), the film depicts the cultural clash and explores the theme of cross cultural relationships (as in steady relationships and marriage) and tolerance.

I have finally finished watching it. Letting the movie load will take some time as it is in a really high quality format. =)

But like Sarah says, "... do persevere through the five parts; it won't be a waste of time.." =D

I recommend opening only one part at a time because I opened all five and got stuck. =P

Happy Watching!! =)

What intrigued me the most was that these bunch of young people had the determination and passion to make this happen. =)
Good work Sarah and team. =) God bless. =D

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sarahsue said...

Wow! I saw 'of roti bakar and french toast' on your latest post update, and you can imagine how shocked my sis and i were =) haha!
It must have taken hours to load every part =O!
Thanks!! It made our day =)
Happy holidaying for the remaining weeks

Isaac said...

huh? hours?? i just linked it from youtube *winks*. hahahah =D

hehe.. you're welcome =D happy holidaying too!! you've been busy. =D

sarahsue said...

I meant hours to load the video to watch it =D. Yea, your patience is to be admired. haha! =)

Isaac said...

er... yea.... kinda... hahaa.. actually i watched them back to front.. cos the 1st part had the most problems loading.. hahah =D
but the story's nice =D hahahh =)

sarahsue said...

=). that happens when watching movies on youtube! Glad you enjoyed the story =)

Isaac said...
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Isaac said...

i guess so.. hahahaha =D
yeah i enjoyed it =)

i wonder how long you guys took to produce it.. from writing the script and all... to editing (till right before uploading). =P

sarahsue said...

haha, my sister wrote the script with her friends two weeks before PMR and practiced the scenes a week before PMR, during our break =)
editing took three weeks =)
It's amazing how it all actually happened, and would never have happened if not for God's grace =D

Isaac said...

Wow.. nice. =D
yeah... without God's grace.. definitely. =)
hehehe.. i wonder how long it'll be till the next one.. haahahha =D