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7:06 PM

Of Sound Effects and Completion

Etched by Isaac

It certainly is a weird sensation when you can hear your intestines bubble and gurgle like water flowing through pipes. Coupled with the urge to run for the toilet every now and then. And the discomfit that the moving gas poses to both you and those around you. =P

Diarrhoea oh diarrhoea.
Thou shalt leave my poor body immediately! *eats charcoal tablet*

Thank God for medication.
And for the wisdom to ask the mother. >.<
*knocks self on the head*

And I went to Megamall and Times Square and sat through a whole STORM WARRIORS movie with the discomfort. =.=''

Of completion, I have managed to label ALL my posts.
About 270++.
Finally. *headache*.. no more of this kind of stuff.. I don't want to waste my time like this again. >.<

I have about three weeks till I go back.
Whether that's a good thing or not, well.... *shrugs*.. but I look forward to going back =) and seeing everyone again *smiles* hehe.

But I have to use the remaining time at home wisely.
God give me the wisdom I pray. Amen. =)

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