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11:40 AM

Random recent photos..

Etched by Isaac

Spanish Doughnuts at the Church's Christmas Bazaar!
quite nice

ISAAC. wow.

Never ever eat at this particular chicken rice shop.
Chicken rice for three. FORTY BUCKS. >.<
And they even had the cheek to overcharge us for an extra bowl of rice which we didn't order.

Chicken is Rm6.50 per person
nothing to shout about kind of chicken.
Portions are smaller than usual.
Compared to the Shah Alam stall, it's about half the amount.

Rice is 1.70 per bowl.
They bought smaller-sized bowls to cut cost too.

Meatballs are Rm1 each. We bought 9. 3 per person. Rm3 each. >.<

And Gordon's 100plus - Rm2.20.

That's 11.20 for one person's chicken + rice + meatballs in soup.

Shah Alam has such great chicken rice.
Rm5 for chicken + char siu + siu yok + rice + soup.
Eat until cannot eat somemore.

Even in KL - Nam Heong
Chicken Rice is 5.50. With rice and soup too. And air conditioning as well like the Ipoh one.

Melawati .. the Hainanese Chicken Rice is Rm5.
The rice is heavenly.
Too bad the aunty and uncle are retiring to Australia where their children are.
We'll miss them and their chicken rice. ... of many many years of experience. =)

wow. I ended up ranting about chicken rice. O.o.

Mummy's hand in the hospital.

All sorts of gas tubes.

Visitors. =)
Thank God for caring souls. =)

Part of my being a housewife in the house.
A sliced and broken into half kind of Dory fish fillet. hahaha =)

Mummy's get-well-soon flowers from her student's mum.
They're still surviving.. but a but wilted.

And sending Gordon off.. for his flight to Taiwan with 1st KL BB at KLIA.
Nice place. =)

of randomness and warmth and happiness....... =)

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