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9:45 AM

To my Dear Mummy.

Etched by Isaac

This post is dedicated the one and only woman in my life - my Mother.

As a child growing up, I really admire my mother for all that she does.
She can handle her career and still make time to do everything a full-time housewife does.
Juggling her job and handling the home affairs is what she does everyday; she multitasks and works efficiently, and still smiles and pours love on top of that.

I thank her for all she's done in my life. And for my life. And for giving me life.

And a Godly one at that too.

Even now as she celebrates her birthday in the hospital after a successful surgery (and we all thank God for that), I know that God will continue to bless her, and that she will continue to bless others too through her vibrant life.

Us at Kenny Rogers recently to celebrate her birthday in advance

looking more beautiful everyday

ps. Mummy I love you

Happy Birthday

4 opinions:

Xavier said...

Happy Birthday to mummy too ! and P.T.L. for the successful surgery. A very touching post, CPL ! Well done !

Isaac said...

thanks! =D
hahaha yeah... Praise the Lord! =D God is good. =) awwww.. thanks.. hahaha =D thanks SSGT. =P

Xavier said...

Hoi hoi... not SSGT.. just SGT nia.. haha.. You're welcome =)

Isaac said...

whoops.. hahahhah =D i promoted you. =P
er i mean appointed. hahahah.. =) yeah. =)