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8:50 PM

Update Update.. =P

Etched by Isaac

When two guys walk into KLCC carrying bags and badminton racquets, heads turn....
Gordon and I dropped by on the way to Voon Ho's side for badminton.. hahahaha!

Just to get to Wangsa Maju, we had to stop by KLCC and Jusco.
Ate ice cream at Jusco. Somehow the McDonald ice cream is still the best for the price.. =)
Bumped into Melissa Choon at the KLCC LRT station walkway.. surprised.. both of us were.. haha

That was Monday.
Tuesday - Hutong for lunch.

I wanted to go for it.
Jasper and Lucas shook their heads.

RM16 for this.
One big piece of meat with bone.
One clove of garlic.
One medium-sized Chinese Mushroom.
A meagre serving of soup.
A small bowl of Oil Rice (which tastes and smells just like ordinary rice)
And a cup of tea.
Paper cup some more.

Well, I'm paying for their rental at Lot 10.
Never ever again. Wahaha.. =P

Lucas and his RM8 porridge.
The eu char kuay cost RM1.60.

Jasper only ate an egg tart. =P
And enjoyed the surrounding environment. =)

faked smile =P
I look like a BHP worker. >.<

Mo Sang Kor Bak Kut Teh.
I'd give it a 9/10.. but considering the price and portion size.. well..
4/10 is pretty good. =P

Then we watched Sherlock Holmes at Times Square.. got into the cinema half an hour late.. with ads.. 45 mins late.. we practically ran from Lot 10 (Lucas, Jasper and I)
Then waited to buy the tickets. =.='
Mock Kar Wai.. =P
And Voon Keong.

The movie was really nice. =)
Good chemistry
Superb deduction
And Queen's English.

3.5 more days!!!!...

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