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3:21 PM

Window Shopping

Etched by Isaac

One fine Monday afternoon, Nigel, Dennis and I went window shopping!! Yes, WINDOW Shopping. Actually meant to be shopping but due to a lack of CASH, we had to make do with WINDOW shopping. Hahahaha.. =) and we ended up buying nothing.. as this picture shows.

The main point of us going out was actually to catch the elusive movie, 2012.
It was a blast.

And a really LONG movie. >.< Clocking in at 2 hours 38 minutes (minus ads), our bottoms hurt pretty badly all the way to the end.

-no cameras or any form of recording equipment allowed inside the cinema- =P

Sound effects galore, with enough explosions to satisfy any pyromaniac.. hahaha.. the only thing that put me off was the fact that the heroes seemed to survive against all odds. =P

(or something like that)

This decoration is, in Nigel's words, "MAGIC!!"
Notice that the tap floats.
We took about 10 minutes to examine it.. because it really was floating..
With water flowing down back into the mug.
Nigel checking out.. the cigarette lighters..
*points finger at Nigel.. HOW could you?? *

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~in some CD shop~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

budding music enthusiasts

And that outing marked the THIRD time of me being in Mid Valley for the previous four days.. was getting bored of the place already. >.<

6 opinions:

Ern Yu said...

MID VALLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another impossible here.....=( X( hehe

Isaac said...

Aww.... zhuang xiao... you sound really homesick.. awww.... hmmm.. when you're back.. whenever.. see whether we can go out yeah? hahah =)

Ern Yu said...

SURE! SURE! SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha THXXX!!!! SUREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! >< XD

Isaac said...

HAHAHa... hahaha.. zhuang xiao..hahahahahaha.... =D =D.. yeah =) hahahahahaha..

Bharat Mall!! =P

Ern Yu said...

Swt!! Not bad la you...!!! XD :P

Isaac said...

hahahah..cos i read your latest post.. hahahaha.. hahaha... =P