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2010 - Year of Empowerment.

Etched by Isaac

Gordon and I before service.
Sooner.. or later.. he'll be taller than me. =D
hahahaha =)

and I caught Katrina! =P with short haircut. =P
(wonder where Chum was.. =P ) =P =P =P


As I look back at 2009, I realise that what Pastor prophesied at 2008's watchnight service was really true.

2009 - Year of New Beginnings.

And yes, I have had LOTS of new beginnings in 2009.

The major highlights of 2009 were.. well... in chronological order:

  • Shadowing a doctor in his clinic to gain exposure.
  • Helping out at Alzheimer's Disease Daycare centre with Dennis for about 2.5 months.
  • P License and Driving.
  • SPM Results - Fantastic - Praise the Lord!
  • NS - turned out to be a fun and eye-opening experience.
  • Form 6 - for 2 weeks.
  • JPA Scholarship - Glory be to God. I got it. Over RM1 million.
  • INTEC and Cendana - Gotten used to the food and living independently.
  • Dislocation of arm 2 weeks before piano exam. >.<
  • Getting through the piano exam smoothly. Thank God. =D
  • Mummy's major operation - now recovering well. Thank God.. =)
  • and Adventures. =)
And all these were entirely New to me.
And so was making friends with about 300 people in ALM 10 and Cendana. =D
I really thank God for the path He has put me on. It is indeed very humbling to acknowledge that I wouldn't be where I am now without Him. I'd be nowhere actually. =)

And so I praise God and ask Him for wisdom to lead a life that will glorify His name. And I thank Him everyday.. all the time.. for the miracles He's worked in my life.

2009 was Great.
2010 will be Greater.

Pastor Ong's words for the church for 2010 include:

  • China - Business - Major upheaval and surprise
  • Insurance Businesses - Major change
  • India - Will rise up like never before
  • Singapore - word to describe = "Uneasy"
  • Malaysia politics - word given = "Patience"
  • Blessings for children of families of church members
  • Younger generation to glorify God in different educational institutes.
  • Do not be afraid to stick to your word
  • 2010 - Double Portions
  • 2010 - Year of Empowerment (to nurture that which was born in 2009)
And apparently the prophesy for me was to be brave enough to step forward and do something which I have not done before. (or something like that.. I forgot the exact words.. it was about 1.30am this morning.. when the pastors prayed for each of the church members.).. and that many people will come to know Christ through my life. I so want that to happen. And yes it has started. *smiles*


Praying for every church member.
Like in 2008, they made 9 lines.

Getting slain by the Spirit is a common happening in my church.
But it shocks those who have never seen it before.
So I post this picture here, and not on Facebook.

I was sitting right at the front during the service. . listening to all the wonderful testimonies..
And my phone kept vibrating as the messages poured in.. hahahahahahaha..=) but I couldn't reply.. not till after I was prayed for.. which was about 1.30am..
And they kept coming in.. till about 2 am.. haha.

And well it's 1st January 2010!

A year in which I'll have to study really hard. Can I be top? =P
A year of Empowerment. Hmm. =)
A year of.. lots of adventures I think. Hehe. =)

Going back to Cendana.. Shah Alam.. Intec... on Sunday. 1.5 more days! >.<
Oh well.
Let's Go!!!

btw. hmm. IMU top student. is it possible? .hmm..

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