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9:15 PM

Forcing the Church out.

Etched by Isaac

 I wrote this on Saturday two weeks ago. Partly.

Apparently it's on BBC, CNN, AFP, Time, New York Times, Reuters, Al Jazeera and also the local newspapers..
Yes. All over the papers.

My church was bombed.
But God is good.
We're moving into our new building!!!
And the church is internationally known.
We have an unprecedented amount of money given by the Government. For relocation.. Half a million Ringgit.

You will not believe the amount of soot I scrubbed off today.
And the amount of people and cameras..
Now I know how it feels like to be a paparazzo. A real one. Jostling and hustling about.
Haha. Weird. Because the other paparazzos pushed me and I didn't budge. I pushed them back and they had were shoved away. Hahaha!!!..*syok sendiri* They couldn't move me. =P but I yielded when the police came in. Haha. I remember what that particular officer shouted at me. "YOU bukan Media!!"

People chased after the PM to take his picture.
I waited at the right spot and took him as he walked past me. Hahaha. =P

I managed to shake the PM's hand. And the Home Minister's. And the Health Minister's. =P
hahahhahahaha. =)

And I appeared on TV!!!! Hahaha!
Jieyun called me.

"Isaac, I saw you on TV!!"

Aww... =)
Apparently I was on 8TV and TV2.
Voon Ho also saw me. And apparently quite a few others. Hehehhe.. publicity.. oops. =P

writing this now, two weeks later
Well.. God works in ways we cannot fathom.

And miracles do happen. =)

And God is Good.

Tomorrow we will have our first service in our new building. =D
It'll be awesome. =)

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