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10:35 PM

Semester 2 has started

Etched by Isaac

Back to Cendana.
Back to Intec.
Back to all my friends. =)

Away from home.
Away from home-cooked food.
Away from my bed.
Away.... from my family.

What to do.. what to do..

Oh well. =)

I find that I'm adapting back to college pretty well. =)
Staying back late everyday.. almost everyday.. to use the library. (FREEZE)
Life is good at INTEC. =)

Tests are coming.
Semester 2 will all but fly by.
Then it'll be Semester 3.. and 4.. and oh no.. I don't want to leave INTEC. No no no.. I like it very much here. =)

It is true that peoples' true colours surface in the second semester. Now they've found their groups and cliques, and will tend to mix less with others. There is a human tendency to stick to what they find familiar. Humans resist change. However, it is change which propels one towards success. Comfort zones are merely temporary places of solace and refuge.

God is good.


Chocolate cookies!! =)
Frau Maria was so sweet to buy them for us.
All the way from Germany. =)
Danka Schon Frau Maria!!

 Hi Vivesha..

 Apparently I shrunk..

 And Diyanah. . . . . =)

 Su Pei! New hairdo? =)

 The back of Kandhan's shirt. =)

 I want to play Badminton!!

Oh dear.. 

 Flame tests!!

 Tests for anions.. stinky misty smelly choking fumes odours laughter..GAS from Salha. =P


 Debate time..Individuals should not be allowed to carry guns.



  Common scenario..

 Ms. Jasmin (our new IELTS lecturer) broke down. . . laughing. =)

 rainy day

 Kai Ming. Hahhaha!

New Maths lecturer....... no comments. =P

 Poh Chai. Handsome? =P

 Plus Huan De..


 We can welcome Steven as a permanent fixture in our class now I guess..=P

  Wee wants to be cool..

 Dancing.. dancing.. dancing.. hahahaha.. hahahaha..

 Steven's birthday celebration! =)
I went late. =P


 The birthday boy. Between Ghai Xiong and I. Making him look short.


And that summarises 3 weeks of college.
Speaking test this Tuesday. Die....

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