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5:55 PM

Another 3 weeks

Etched by Isaac

It's been three whole weeks since I last blogged. Nowadays I can't afford the time to blog on a weekly basis.. what with Bio test and Bio reports to other stuff to attend to.

But it's HOLIDAYS!!! Holidays as in holiday from college..but not from work and studies and everything. I still need to do my work and exercises and revision and extra studies. And settle all my pictures (which I've been doing the whole day on Facebook.. finally done.. about 350 pictures uploaded in about 8 albums. Segregated. Arranged. Ordered. Tagged. Finished. Comments pouring in as usual)

I can't believe I'll be 19 this year. OLD.

The past few weeks have seen Isaac running about with his camera snapping pictures of people and stuff. Except for last week, I've been actively taking pictures.. I want to collect pictures of everyone I know in INTEC. Is that possible? Yes.

These previous three weeks have shown me that discipline is a very important factor to achieve success in college life. Actually it is imperative to be disciplined all the time in any situation under any circumstances anyway.. so.. this is redundant.

Practising the writing element currently. IELTS and MUET. I have to take both and score high marks. Speaking test is over. Marks yet to be known. Bio test also over; this time there was a little time to breath in between questions. Thank God for perseverance in studies. I have been staying back late everyday to study at the library to enjoy the airconditioning and the silence, which is superb compared to Cendana where everyday is like a party sometimes. Laptops, coupled with wireless broadband access, have proven themselves to be extreme disturbances in Cendana where they are turned on all day and entice unsuspecting scholars to while away their hours on the likes of Facebook, YouTube, MSN and other such online demons. The time-wasting functions of these laptops are greatly enhanced with the assistance of pirated movies, television series, manga, and miscellaneous downloaded items, all of which tempt the students into spending an increasingly illogical amount of time in their virtual worlds.

Therefore, I immerse myself in my books in the library and spend my time a little more wisely, albeit at the loss of added social interaction with my Cendana buddies. But I do have company in the library as there are people who stay back late regularly with me too =)

the library at night.

German class is getting more and more hectic. And interesting.

Somehow, to me, Mugilan is the main star.. hahahahahaha =D


More action in the Bio Lab.
 Toluidine blue stain experiment for garlic root cells to identify the cells in different stages of mitosis.

Action in the Chemistry Lab too. =)


We learnt a game called "Bunny Bunny Tagen Tagen" during English. Haha. =D loads of fun. =) and Poh Chai led the Chap kali chap kali chap chap chap after that. (I know it doesn't make much sense to those who haven't played it before but oh well.. =P)


And other stuff that happens in class.. like ethics presentations, in-betweens, and lunches. =D
And outside class.. like discovering toadstools, printing stuff and whatnot. =P

 Ms. Jasmin, our new IELTS lecturer. She's good =)


With Poh Chai, who accompanies me to INTEC every morning =)
hahaha. I've booked him for IMU as my roommate. =P

 Pre-speaking test tension. =P

 Andrew. My housemate who's a great housemate. =D
Very good housemate. =) hahah =D

Hahah.. Then there was stuff that happened outside of college.
Such as at church.

This is Jessica. =P

 They celebrated Pastor's birthday! =)

 Si Lynn's already in Australia. Podiatrist-to-be. Hahah. =D
Between Darius and me, anyone would seem short. =P

And there was the Chalentines Event. =P 
I totally didn't expect to see Benedict at the event. =P
Sarah and Dorene in the background of the flowers.. nice nice nice =)

And of course we held a farewell gathering for Matthew.. he'll be flying to Australia too.. on the 16th. =/ civil engineering. It certainly was great to see them again. I hadn't seen any of the MBS Boys since last year. =( sadly Jack Kee, Anthony, Xian Lum and Kee An weren't present due to various reasons ranging from the acceptable to the inane.. =P


 The stuff we do.. =P
(this is how to beat the machine.. hahahahaha.. kinda cheating though)

And that concludes this blogging session. Finally.. hahahahaha..

Happy Chinese New Year!! =D

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