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7:21 PM

A Debt

Etched by Isaac

I definitely owe my blog a good post after not blogging for so long. It's been about five weeks since I last actually blogged. Now my bio report's done, I can spend a bit of time blogging. =D

Much has changed this year. Friends in college are starting to show their true colours. Apparently it is true that you'll see how people behave not in the first semester, but in the second semester; they have settled themselves down into their comfy hidey-holes and are within their comfort zone, beginning to become complacent and fooled into believing that they already have all they can have. Basically zoning out in their own-made idyllic halcyon world.

This year has also showcased the appearance of cliques and groups within the class. I know it's a human tendency to stick to what is familiar, but I must say that I was pretty disappointed with my class for a while before accepting it and trying to deal with it. But then I went off the deep end yesterday and kinda scolded the whole class. But it's over. And I thank God for angels. And demons to try my temperament too. But God is Good. =)

A staple diet of chapati and tosei is becoming my regular dinner. =) and I'm enjoying it.
And apparently I can halve the cost of my lunch if I remove the piece of chicken almost everyone else plops onto their plate.

Adapting to A Levels from SPM is a bit like natural selection and the survival of the fittest. Only those who can adapt to the new learning environment and teaching style will continue to achieve good grades. Coupled with a good answering technique, an A* is in your hands. Without any of the aforementioned factors, failure is inevitable. >.<

STPM books are great reference texts for A Levels. This is because the syllabus is much more comprehensive and the books are written for easy reading. =D point by point. (though the sheer amount of information makes it much more difficult overall)

This is 10M7 as caricatured by Dilah.. Great drawing =D

I have come to accept the fact that it will be very hard for any college friend to ever come as close to me as my secondary school friends, especially those in the Prefectorial Board and the Boys' Brigade. These are friends with whom I can catch up with easily and we will be friends for life. But then again, there are exceptions to the rule. =) and there are really great people who make my day... (not all in pictures though)

 Vivien eating a tomato in class. =P

German classes have progressively become more difficult. Struggling to understand the language and the logical yet troublesome grammatical rules. Adding to the fact that I leave the study of the language to the class and a little time before the class, I don't really progress much .. but what to do..

 Odelia asking Frau Maria stuff.. (it's normal for her to do that... )

Visits to the music faculty have become less frequent after the settling of my piano exam. However, the printing facility there is great as it's free as long as you bring your own paper. =)

Biology experiment - Tensile Strength of Fibres.. Stench of rotting stems.. hahahahah!!.. and M3 was shocked when M7 entered the lab during their lesson. =P
 These became these below in one week. >.<

an ant and a glove. =P

Dr Prakhash, our Chemistry Lecturer, has left INTEC for greener pastures. We pray that God will bless this wonderful man and keep him safe and happily lecturing and bringing joy to them and imparting his knowledge as he has to us here at INTEC for the past 5 years. (only 7 months with us though) .>.< we had a farewell party for him at Nando's. =D

And the new lecturer is great too.. but no one will ever replace Dr. Prakhash. >.<

And so Chemistry will never be the same again.. =(

Biology is pretty much the same though. =)

This year's Chinese New Year holidays were absolutely great. My family went to Fraser's Hill.. and after we came down, I went for dinner with the BB gang and we stayed overnight at Anthony's house. (it's BIG enough) hahahaha.. and had a totally awesome time together. =) Played Poker. =D hahahah =D


And E Von was kind enough to invite me to her house for CNY too. That was last week.. haha.. I had a great time too... laughing at the fireworks. Considering I've never played with fireworks before too. =) thanks E Von. =D

Zhuang Xiao was back from India.. now she's back in India. Anyway, we went out for lunch and a movie. =) And Johnny's steamboat is not very cheap.. compared to the steamboat buffet near Anthony's place.. =D I believe I ate more than 10 times what they got at Johnny's.. at about less than double the price. =P but apparently Zhuang Xiao is studying studying and studying. Doctor to be! =)

The church has been in the new building for a month and a half now I think. And it's Great. =) God is Good! =)

10M7 went bowling too. =)


I have to say that God has indeed been good to me. And I thank Him every single day for everything He's done in my life.. for He takes great care of me.. He's my Father. =D

One more week till holidays! (but still need to study all the time.. to increase my recently-dropped Bio marks). Argh. Oh well. =) hopefully I'll be able to meet up with Dennis and Nigel and Wai Xhen and Mun Fei and Voon Ho and Yem and Soo and more.. =)

at the KTM yesterday afternoon.. silly train delayed so much. >.<

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:) Sorry Isaac, now only I see this, cause no time to really go online....:( haha but THX!! =D n nice post....^^

Ern Yu said...
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Isaac said...

Ooh. it's okay.. i don't get to go online often either.. haha .. i understand. =) you're most welcome miss Boh. =P hahaha =D and thanks =)