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Methodist Boys.

Etched by Isaac

The eponymous post. Methodist Boys. I am a Methodist Boy too. And proud of being one. =)
So we finally met up after a long break of seeing each other. It certainly feels long when you don't see your friends after being accustomed to talking to them every school day for the whole duration of five years. >.<
So yesterday we ditched the usual lunch and movie plan and had lunch and chat instead. Followed by badminton and dinner.



The searing pain shot up my hand as the shuttlecock flew past the net. Apparently Jack Kee and I had smashed the same shuttlecock.. only that I was a little bit faster.. so he smashed my hand instead. MISCOMMUNICATION!! >.< one of the hazards of badminton.. which I have not experienced up till now. My hand throbbed in pain and I was a little in shock; more dazed and blur than moaning in pain. One patch of skin had somehow disappeared, and there were two reddish lines across my forearm and my index finger started to swell and bleed. Off I went to the toilet to clean my wounds and run cold water over the bumps. Of course everyone stopped the game and came over to see what happened.. I said I was fine. (usual reaction I guess.. but I was fine.. minus the fact that my hand hurt like mad)
However, Jack Kee's racquet wasn't as fine as my hand; it was bent badly.. (wow.. my hand's harder than titanium?? ) hahaha. Mutual loss. My hand was hurt and now he has to buy a new racquet.

Right now my finger is larger than normal.. huhu..

Back to the highlight of the day: Chatting! (and basically catching up with each others' busy lives)

So we had a great time talking to each other. In Dennis's words, "I don't care where we meet as long as we can move our jaws" =P hahahaha =) He has a good point. =D so we chatted and drank tea. Tea is a very good drink as you can keep refilling it. And at only RM1 a person, it is worth it indeed. Goodbye pricey shopping mall food!!! =P Wahahahah.. =D

We had a great time. Hahha. Listening to stories of Taylors by the lake by Mun Fei, MBS by Lucas and Dennis and stuff from Jack Kee. =) and of course from INTEC from yours truly.

Surprisingly, Kee An dropped by for a visit. =)
Long time haven't seen him too.. always can't make it to our gatherings due to various reasons.  =P

Group Picture!

Dennis!! Happy as always. =)

Mun Fei gesticulating and gesturing and making us laugh.. hahahahah.. =P 
He isn't talking about the size of the chicken btw.. =P

I like the picture of Jack Kee and the ice.. hehehe..and Dennis too. =)

Colourful Chicken Rice. =P

More Mun Fei, Dennis and Jack Kee =P

Photo Collages! =) (my new favourite software).. it makes uploading a whole lot easier. =)

Chatted about 2 hours plus. Then off to badminton!!
Mun Fei and Lucas left after we changed clothes. =)
Badminton. Yem and Anthony rule the court. As usual.. =P

Back to the same place for dinner. And more tea. =P
And we shared stories. =) And stuff. And more stuff. And waited the rain out. And went back late.
And had fun too. Great to meet up with Anthony and Yem as well. Not too sure how much longer we'll all still be around to meet up so we'd better meet up as often as time permits currently. >.<

So all in all, (sounds like an English essay), this holiday was a great one. Fulfilling and satisfying and memorably fun as a prequel to a long stretch of studies before end of semester exams which will be held during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of May. Hope to meet all of these people (my closest friends) more often. Voon Ho make sure you come next time yeah. =P hahahah =D

I thank God for putting wonderful friends in my life. =)
God is Good. =)

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