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12:57 PM

"sweating" apples.

Etched by Isaac

When apples can sweat.

In general, as you increase in age (and possible weight and girth), life gets increasingly complicated. Meetings with old friends become progressively more difficult to arrange and you spend so much time trying to keep in touch and updated with friends that you become outdated once you complete a cycle; this cycle keeps going on and on and on.. However, it is good to at least spend some time with some friends; this keeps you connected and keeps you human aside from the hours spent studying and understanding academic material. Therefore, I feel that this week was a well-spent one, what with outings and time spent hanging out with friends. =)

I committed this week to God in prayer before it started, and yes God has been good. He's kept me in good health, kept my friendships intact and strengthened, issues ironed out, outings enjoyed, time well used. And He has blessed me. 

Su Pei Studying. =P
Nas on the stairs

Apparently my new chemistry lecturer is a little slow in marking our test papers. Amidst the congratulating and counseling of friends who received theirs, one cannot but long to know his or her own results. And that is how I feel.

Our biology lecturer turned our classroom into a cinema as we watched "Awakening". I must say that the movie was indeed a thought-provoking one, with the variety of complex ethical issued concerning future profession thrown into the balance of morality versus indiscriminate personal gain. It is obviously not morally correct to inadvertently kill a person off during a heart surgery just to help someone else gain something from that person's demise. However, the movie highlighted an issue - the trustworthiness of doctors and those who work with them, and I have to agree that this bone of contention is worth our attention.

German class has had its hours decreased due to a collective petition from about 6 students. Now it's two hours a week. And we're going to MPO! =)

The last time I ever made a poster was in NS. So when the chemistry lecturer asked us to make one, I was pretty flabbergasted. However, thanks to great team mates and substantial teamwork (over all the conflicts), the poster turned out pretty nice. =) especially due to Poh Chai's artistic abilities.


My class is slowly becoming more and more segregated, to my alarm. After discussing the issue while hanging out with some of my classmates, they feel it is normal. Unfortunately their class representative is not satisfied with just having a 'normal' class. Why can't we be the unique ones? Why do we have to conform to the mould of segregation by language just because everyone else does that? Isn't integration a huge issue nowadays? If the future leaders can't even avoid this when they are young, what about when they are older? But there is a limit to just how much one individual can do before he or she gets worn down and worn out and eventually succumbs to the cosy allure of conformity to the norm everyone follows blindly. >.< see how long I last. 

Despite the debate of issues concerning the class, I had plenty of fun taking pictures of people when they least expected it, horsing around with props and swords for the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival function at night before the event, laughing at the "Sarawak laksa debate", watching Alice in Wonderland 3D, walking about with four girls.. becoming the "cameraman", appearing at another class's 'so-called class dinner' and hanging out with my classmates. =)


  If I'm not careful, my class will end up like that class. How can you call a class dinner a class dinner if it appears to be a gathering of a few small groups and not one big group? Is unity not achievable? Do people just resist change? Can't they accept other cultures? Why must language be a barrier?? I hope and pray that M7 will stay strong.

After all that has been said and done, what lies at the core of college life is the need to have meaningful social interactions whilst maintaining and improving upon one's grades. That I feel is the main reason for everything I do in college. And factoring in God gives me an unfair advantage I think. =P hahaha =)

Happy Holidaying.. hahahaha.. =) and the SPM results are out. STPM results out. Badminton needs to be played. Voon Ho.. hahahah =D Wanna meet Nigel and Lucas and Wai Xhen and Mun Fei and Soo and Dennis and and and and and and and and !! All if possible. >.<

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